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The official transition to MeWe has begun.

Google has released some new information about the sunsetting of G+ and in light of that and our previous decision to move to MeWe, we've come up with the following time table.

As of today, this group has been switched to "Ask to Join" rather than an open group that anyone can join. We will not be accepting any new members here on G+.

As of January 11th, we would encourage all members to post on our MeWe group featured here:

As of January 14th, Mods will no longer be double posting both here and on MeWe.

As of January 28th, Mods will no longer be actively moderating this site. is what is driving these dates. As of January 28th, some 3rd party integrations could stop working. As of March 7th, all of them will stop. We'd rather be on the new platform by the time the first signs of trouble are popping up.

It's going to be sad to see this group transition. While we're looking forward to a new home and new ways of communicating (yay live chat!) this group has been the online destination for many of us as early as 2012.

I can't speak for everyone, but I know for me my daily routines include visiting G+ on my phone and computer specifically for this community. It's been a habit nearly every day since 2012 when I launched this community.

Despite the 'ghost town' reputation G+ had out in the world, I've always felt engaged, and thoroughly surrounded by and at home with the people who make and made this community amazing.

I do hope that many of you will continue to hang out with me on MeWe or if not there, that we'll see each other in other online destinations.

As we draw closer to the 28th, I'll start a thread where people can post where to find them - on MeWe, Facebook, BGG, and anywhere else they'd like, including out in the real world at various conventions and game stores.

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Our past weekend
Blood Rage, Kanban, Reef, Now boarding, Port Royal
What we played ... Week 2
What we played ... Week 2

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Keyforge is such a fun game and I'm excited to bring you my favourite 10 cards for each of the 7 houses. After that I'll also do a Top 7 Houses list!

I'm off to MeWe.

Thanks, gang.

Reminder - as of today, Mods will no longer be double posting both here and on MeWe.

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Just one Speedstream race this evening. One, but intense and it's true that Red goes faster!!!

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My tribe...
#Tribes: Early Civilization

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Home | Meeple Mountain
Home | Meeple Mountain

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Played a 2p game of GMT games' Spacecorp tonight! It's basically High Frontier but actually understandable, fun, and playable. It's also surprisingly euro-like for a GMT game, but there's enough theme there to distract from that. The nice thing is that unlike other space exploration games you don't have to worry about randomness destroying your rockets/ships when they take off or land - they just work so you can get on with actually doing things. You do actions by playing cards, the higher the value you get the more you can do with it - I'm not sure I've played anything with similar mechanics off the top of my head.

There are three different subgames played consecutively on different boards that can be played in sequence or you can just play one or two on their own, which means you can play a full game or a shorter game (or a much shorter game if you just play on one board). For the full game you start off on the Mariners board exploring the inner Solar System (not pictured here), then flip over to the Planeteers board to explore the outer system (pictured at the start and end), then switch to the Starfarers board to explore the stars near Sol and beyond (pictured at the end of the game, and closeup at the end to focus on the board). I thought that Mariners felt a bit like a simple setup for the other two boards, but Planeteers and Starfarers felt much more meaty (especially Starfarers).

Mariners and Planeteers gameplay is pretty similar to eachother (the distances are bigger in Planeteers but the cards scale up too). Starfarers is quite different in some key ways though and feels very different too, it's much more of a brain burner. The points went all over the place - I was quite far behind at the end of Mariners/start of Planeteers, stormed ahead in Planeteers, got overtaken in Starfarers, but clawed back at the last minute with some very jammy colony builds to win by 1 pt so it was pretty tense right to the end!

Time-wise Mariners took us about 3 hours, Planeteers took two hours and Starfarers took about 3.5 hours. BUT we were also figuring out the game from scratch at first and screwed a few things up so it should take much less time once we get some more practice in. I think we could get Mariners and Planeteers down to one hour each and Starfarers down to 1.5 to 2 hours, so a full game in 4 hours maybe? Which isn't so bad, but I suspect adding a third and fourth player would slow that down somewhat. Maybe 30 mins per player per board at most?

Anyway, It's a really cool game and finally I think I've found the Solar System Exploration game I've been longing for - High Frontier is far too convoluted and poorly explained, while Leaving Earth is more approachable but way too much of maths exercise. And Spacecorp basically IS what High Frontier should have been from the start had it been designed by someone who want to make an actual game from it rather than a raw simulation (also the production values are way better in the GMT game, at least compared to High Frontier 2e) - and also I had to get two expansions to HF to get the outer system and interstellar boards, but it's all here in one game in Spacecorp.

So I would say if you're into space exploration games you NEED to get Spacecorp. It's the best of the genre by miles and I will definitely be playing this more.

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Fun playing Wingspan! Check out as we run through the basics of the gameplay :)

Watch it here:
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