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A couple of new arrivals this week. 

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Solitaire was the number one addition asked for!

We plan to publish expansions for the EastFront, North Africa, and Pacific theaters. We also plan to release specific historical companies from famous divisions like the 101st U.S. Airborne, 2nd Das Reich SS, and the British 7th Armor (Desert Rats). Please send us your suggestions.

Another thing is the addition to help with shipping for those who grab four copies of the game.

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A guy from work was getting rid of some of his old board games and he brought me this one as he knew I was a gamer. Has anyone played it? It's chess-like, looks pretty interesting.

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The weather front from the midweek has blown through,so we get chance to resume ops. Today,our target is the aircraft factory at Meulte in France. After the hell of flying to Vegesack last week,this is just across the channel. However,although we are in the middle of the formation,we have also drawn the low squadron,which usually gets the lions share of the fighters...
Fighter cover remained fair across the channel, a pair of 110's tried their luck from below, one was driven off by Neils guns,the other fell to our fighters. The approach to the target was tough though.Three waves of enemy fighters attacked us, a single 190 got through the fighter cover but failed to hit us. He was swiftly followed by five 109's. Two were shot down by our little friends,the remaining three hit us.The only damage done was in the cockpit,where my engine controls were damaged , so i cannot feather the props on an engine if it gets hit...
All three made succesive attacks on the 'Jane. A green 109 pilot duelled with Mikes top turret and lost badly,the aircraft seen spinning away with flames engulfing the nose and cockpit. Mikes first kill ! Nathan Smith,our starboard waist gunner got a second,and scored HIS
first kill! In return,by some minor miracle,although we were hit 9 times,including a tail to nose 'walking hits' ALL of them came out as superficial hits. Flak over the target was medium, but the Nazis scored no hits. An unmolested Phil Hatfield was able to line up on the factory,and dropped 60% of the bombload on target,his best result so far.
Banking away from Meulte, the Luftwaffe return with a vengance,and another 3 waves hit the formation.110's from below are again driven off by fighter cover,much to Neils chagrin,then we are set upon by another five 109's.
Jeez,they are coming at us in sections....
Two are chased off by P51's. Of the remaining three,we have one at 6 o'clock high,and one at 3 o'clock high. A third is coming at us from 12 o'clock level. The three and twelve o'clock fighters both miss,and speed off to attack other B17's. The 6 o'clock guy skillfully evades Peter Franks tail guns and puts rounds into our number 1 engine.At this point,the worst-case-scenario occured. The engine is an overrevving runaway,and neither myself or the engineer are able to shut it down due to the previously damaged cockpit circuits. The outcome should be ' B17 destroyed'.
(Mike has his rabbits foot,which allows us to re-roll a SINGLE die roll per mission,but we must accept the second result)
It suddenly coughs and settles back into near normal rythmn,it appears the damage was superficial after all ( 1 in 6 chance....).
Not content, the German pilot swings around for another go from 6 o'clock,but this time Peter is ready for him and pours tracer into the 109, which explodes in a huge fireball. Kill number 2 for him,and 4 for Calamity Jane !
There is good fighter cover, and no further attacks after we leave the target zone. We let down in bright sunshine over Wilton on the Mold to a safe landing.
Despite the 'Jane looking like a collander,nothing too vital was hit.
Mikes rabbit foot aside,some higher power was definitely looking out for us today. I make a mental note to attend church parade on Sunday.
To recap , we put 60% of the bombs on target,shot down 4 enemy fighters (bringing the 'Janes total to 8 so far) and came home intact. It doesn't get to be much better than that !
48 hr passes are being issued, Beers on the Captain tonight,well done everyone ! 👍
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I thought it might interest you guys to know, that during my background research for our little campaign,i discovered that there was a real 'Calamity Jane' !
She flew in the Pacific Theatre during 1943 and 1944.she was retired in 1945 and salvaged in 1946. Since i picked our bombers name before i found this out, i'm taking it as a good omen that the real one made it ! Anyway,i found a couple of pictures of her crew,posted here.
I guess we could 'borrow' them.😆
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"Wave 2" of the Conan board game Kickstarter is starting to arrive throughout central Europe...
"Wave 2" of the Conan board game Kickstarter project has arrived. (The KS was in February, 2015, and it's now late April, 2017.) My gaming table is currently occupied with an insane session of Zombicide, so there's no telling when i'll get around to opening this up and sorting it all out :/.

The campaign book is hardback. i wasn't expecting that.

Paging +David Thomas.

Edit: more pics in the bottom half of this album:

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I finally got Targi to the table last night. It's been in my collection a long time. It's a great 2 player game with some interesting worker placement mechanics, and it plays in about an hour. Highly recommended! 

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Tomorrow is Int'l Tabletop Day. I'll be trucking up to Standish Maine to take part in an Extra Life gaming event at Crossroad Games - if anyone's in the area, stop by and say hi! 

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Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters is 46% off today. $19.19.

Bear Valley is 56% off at $10.90.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is $24.76 today.

The Rose King is exactly 50% off at exactly $10.

Greed is almost 75% off at $9.25.

I hate to bite +Ben Gerber's question, but it's just too good!

You come home this evening to find that all of your board games have come to life and are having a smashing good party. Describe a part of the scene as you walk around the party. Which games are having fun? Which ones are over served? Which games are nervously sitting at the tables waiting for someone to ask them to dance? Are there games sitting on the porch smoking?

Anthropomorphize your collection and tell us what happens!
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