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I want to make this active again PLEASE INVITE PEOPLE

haha. Hello lisa. this community is pretty much dead.

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Name : Crazzzy Gamer
Grade : 11
Age : 17
Classes : Athletics , science, maths, english, History, law class, and swimming class
Type : Unicorn
Personality : Carining, Friendly, Honest, and determined
Club : Year Book
Likes : my familiy and friends
Dislikes : bullie, and rude people
Crush : +Apple Jack 
Bio : I came to canterlot high to try to get away from bullies and try to find a gal that likes me for who i am becasue where i came from no many girls like a dirty old farmer but when i saw the rainbooms play their music the blond country girl playing the bass was the girl i knew would be the one

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Name : Apple Jack
Grade : 10
Age : 16
Classes : Pe , science, maths, English and music
Type : earth pony
Personality : Honest, kind, caring
Group : Rainbooms
Club : none
Likes : my friends and family
Dislikes : bullies
Crush : +Crazzzy Gamer
Bio : me and my friends have saved canterlot high three times we saved our school from Sunset shimmer , +Midnight Sparkle​ , the sirens and Gaia everfree

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Name:time painter
Age:uhhhh idk lost count
Type:alcorn / timelord
Likes:time travel drawing and the Internet
Dislikes: anything that hurts anypony
Crush:doctor whooves

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Name: Mrs. Tresemme (Mane-iac)
Age: 22
Classes/what teaches: PE (Badminton & Javelin) & ICT
Gender: Female
Personality: Mean (in bad mood), shy, nice, & sociable
Likes: Good students
Dislikes: Bad students & bullies
Bio: (Unknown)

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Please join I need more students and teachers!


name: princess umi lilly moon ryuzzaki
Grade: 8
Age: 16
Classes: English, Math, History, Music, Art, French
Type: Alicorn
Personality: sweet loving caring generous kind honest
Group: anime lovers
Likes: videos writing singing talking making friends
Dislike: mean people bullies and yelling
Crush: have a boyfriend
Bio i come from canterlot i am the role play daughter of princess luna

Look everyone, I don't mean to be rude in here but this community isn't what I expected to be like. I mean, the community isn't like communities that can roleplay or something. And just a side note, the community's rules are not as what I expected them to be and all of the members here are posting spams and non of you moderators and even you owners are helping the community. And I suspected that you all choose those people who can never help the community properly. If you all are not understanding on what I'm talking about, here's +Arts Imagines Melody​ or +Moonlight glimmer​ to help you all out.

+Arts Imagines Melody+Moonlight glimmer​ I'm sorry for tagging you guys here. It's just that whenever I'm helping communities, people don't even understand on what I meant. So I need your help, girls. And yeah, I know I shouldn't have tagged you girls here actually, my apologies for that. But please though, help me with this community because these people don't even understand on what I'm talking about.
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