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+Luis Miguel Morillas has mapped the OERu partner institutions, showing how global the initiative has become.

And of course, there is always room for more.

Hi, is there any plans for any of the Foundation Uni Partners to offer 'accreditation only' for an MBA?  and if so, which ones and at what kind of pricing structure? 

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I'm extending a general call to the OERu community to assist with testing our peer evaluation prototype.

The OERu is developing a peer evaluation prototype as part of our Google Summer of Code project. We will be testing the alpha version of this system during the current OCL4Ed course. 

This will entail completing one (preferably two) E-Activities and evaluating 3 to 6 submissions using the system rubrics. If you don't have time to prepare model answers -- that's fine, we need a few answers of "questionable quality" to test the system ;-).

Please register online , within the next 24 hours if you are able to help.  
I will post instructions via email.

Thank you in advance for sharing the gift of knowledge and helping to improve the OERu delivery system.

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Guardian commentary on degrees from The University of the People built on MOOCs.

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The OER Foundation Board has amended the name of the OERu initiative to OER universitas in an attempt to better capture the network collaboration and reflect its broader scope. 

OERu is still easier to type.

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This is a really interesting scope seminar happening now ... 

This seminar is an exploration and discussion of how learning does (or does not) take place in complex learning environments, such as open online courses, and how this interacts with learning design.
To do this we will share our past and current research into emergent learning, which has been published in two papers. In particular, we will explain and discuss the framework we have developed for ‘complex’ learning environments – Footprints of Emergence. 
This framework enables learners and learning designers to articulate, map out, and reflect on critical aspects of learning in open, emergent learning events, both individually and collaboratively and results in visualisations of the learning experience – see our open wiki for examples of learner experience footprints.

(I hope it is ok to post this here?)

Is this community a duplicate of the other community that is 'owned' by both Jim & Wayne?  - both have 9 members at this moment? 

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OER University launched today (OER=open educational resources) #OERU

You are my first Google+ group, the first one that feels worth doing and spending time on.  I drank the kool aid at the OERu launch conference.
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