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Name: Mage
Age : 16
Family: None at this point.
Crush/Lover: +Sammy
Love intrests: Quite keen.
Looks : Pale-ish skin, red eyes, red hair, red cloak, cute.
Team: Nuteral
Personality: Soft around friends, harsh around enemies, A prankster, unpredictable.
Motto ( around friends ): Stay behind me, you'll be safe.
Motto ( battling ): you wont be walking out of this alive.
Motto ( alone ): The world has it's differences.
Motto ( around enemies ): you may want to watch your back hehe~.
Weapons: Duel Daggers, Duel Fire Swords, fire powers.
Likes (Credit to +Bell Carnel​​​​​​​): fighting, company at least of times. His friends.
Dislikes: Alot of Immortals (Most), people that an menace to him.

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Name: Blue
Gender: Female
Spiecies: Puppy/Dog
Age: 18
Personality: Silly and Kinda shy
Likes: New Friends and Cudles
Dislikes: IDK
23. 06. 2017.
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Name: Angolie
Age: 15
Family: non?
Love status: Taken
Features: White hair, Blue eyes, Ear/Tail
Personality: Bubbly, Energetic, Kind, Moody, Goofy
Likes: Mage, Food, Sleeping, Video Games, Drawing/ Art, Ramen, Bunnies
Dislike: Bullies, People taking my stuff, Popular people, having no food

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Name: Grey

Age: 16

Likes: parkour, starwars, DARTH VADER

Friends: Amy Walker, Silver Sapphire

Crush: I have one but she doesn't know

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Name: Silver
Age: Immortal
Creature: Plasmatarian
Personality: calm, collected and fun

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Name: Awaremi
English name: Pitty
Nickname(s): Awaremi-Chan,Awari-Chan and Awara
Personality: Crazy,Psycho,mad,Crybaby
Likes:People in her party,cigarettes,fire,balloons
Dislikes:pepple who ignores her and Bullys

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Name: Emma

Age: 10

Has the power to turn invisible and float through anything when she likes, is a very emo lonely person. Lives in the woods.

Likes: Rain, Heavy Rock Music, Music in general.

Dislikes: Dogs, Hot Weather.

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Name : Mirajane
Last name : Strauss
Age : 16
Gender : woman

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Name: May Blackthorn
Age: 16
likes: music, video games and reading

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Name: Amy Walker

Age: 12

Personality: shy, smart, helpful

Powers: pschic powers

Crush: unknown

Hobbies: roleplaying, anime
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