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Hope you enjoy This Community enjoy it thx. Also plz post arigato for tha too. *smiles*

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Profile Update!
✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

Name: Musical Darkness

Age: 18

Alias: Music/Musical/Dark

Gender: Female

Species: Dark Android


✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Skin Tone: Pale

Physical Build: Small/Thin

Physical Deformities/Alterations: Glowing red eyes/Obsession with her Katana

Blood Type: Oil

✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

S/O: Bisexual

Race: Japanese

Skills/Abilities: Singing,Sword Fight/Hand to hand Melee/Shadows

Personality: Neutral

Biography: Music is a failed Bot she was going to be the first (Musical Android) but they had messed up the programming. Music was known as a girl who cannot control her emotions and love/hate are the only ones she knew she could feel making her have to search up how to act around people and she tried to claim being human but you can tell by her glowing red eyes she not.

Relationship: N/A
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

Weapons: Katana: Cuts through the dark, or can make the light darkness.

Armor: Her school uniform had a lair of thick metal on her abdomen where here main controls are.

Clothing: A black School Uniform.
Items of Interest: Katana

✠♛ Combat ♛✠

Skills: Unable To Find File

Powers: Speed/Strength/What ever shes programmed with

Strengths: Her Glare can stop someone temporarily(Usually used so she can run away)

Weaknesses: Her Abdomen

✠♛ Likes/Dislikes ♛✠
(This Is sorta complicated stuff...)
Likes: To Watch People/Fights/Love/Death

Dislikes: Death/Life
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▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ! LOADING ! ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃
▃ ▃ Story ▃ ▃
▃ ▃ RP Character: Akemi Akumu ( Musical Darkness)▃ ▃
▃ ▃ Title: Hiding on an Island ▃ ▃
▃ ▃ Time: 10:04 PM ▃ ▃
▃ ▃ Location: Small Isolated Island at Pool/(Beach/Resort) ▃ ▃

Narrator: "There is said there is an island full of life, and it is called 'Liomo Oceans' its an abandoned island that was said to have no animal or human life but, simply this is wrong a girl by the name of Akemi Akumu had created her own Home there where she lives near the beach. The Dome of her pool/home is all most visible to the human eye but is unlikely seen unless your close to the island"

Akemi's Thoughts: "Whats the point of me being in this place? its alone and it has a wonderful view at night...what keeps me here is the life that tends to pass by, but no one notices me, no one notices the dome. I Hope to meet Human Life soon...or at least come across an animal other then the birds that live with me...."
End of Thoughts

Akemi's Actions: Akemi had awoken from her charge rising from her bed she had cracked her neck. She had been depressed, Due to being so lonely she had fantasized about people coming to visit her and taking her off the island even for just a day..or staying with her on the island.

Akemi had closed her eyes once more walking to her clothing chamber she had taken a swimsuit she had gotten from a traveler long ago as a gift. Being carefully she slipped into the swimsuit as it fit around her body perfectly well no perfectly it had been a little tighter then most but it did not seem to bother her.

Akemi had ran out of her house into the dome looking at her pool she would have jumped in with a cry of joy having a few split seconds of fun she had swam for hours before seeing someone calling out for help. She had not been sure how to respond noticing the Boy/girl as he/she noticed the dome and her. She stood in the water getting out she pressed her right hand on the domes glass water starring at him/her


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Cɛiʆ Pɦɑɳtѳɱɳɦiѵɛ iร ɗɛɑɗ ɛѵɛʀyѳɳɛ!

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Heartbreaks are normal for a guy who cries endlessly...

Although im digital...but i can still love like a human...

For the last not a a boy...

Hello everyone my name is Len Kagamine...


I prefer Akita more than you...


Hmph..i like Akita, Music, bananas and other stuff..baka..

Hmph...dont like Meiko...everyone knows that im a better singer...

For me..its not certified...

||Zodiac sign:||
Im digital...why would i have that?

Height: 150cm
Weight: 40LB
Hair color:
Eye color:

Ok..i wasnt exactly born like all humans do...but i was created..i cant remember how they created me but us Vocaloids are sure why we were created...we were created to sing..
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Iร ɑɳyѳɳɛ gѳɳɳɑ ɱiรร Cɛiʆ?

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Cɛiʆ: Huʀt ɱɛ, I ɗѳɳ't cɑʀɛ.
Zyʀɑx: Huʀt ɱy Բʀiɛɳɗร, tɦɛ ɓѳtɦ ѳԲ uร wiʆʆ kiʆʆ yѳu.
Cɛiʆ: Aร tɦɛ ɓѳtɦ ѳԲ uร ɑʀɛ tɦɛ รtʀѳɳgɛรt ѵɑɱpiʀɛร iɳ tɦiร wѳʀʆɗ.
Zyʀɑx: Wɛ wiʆʆ รtѳp ɑt ɳѳtɦiɳg uɳtiʆ wɛ ɦɑѵɛ ɗѳɳɛ ѳuʀ ɗutiɛร.
Cɛiʆ ɑɳɗ Zyʀɑx: Huʀt uร, wɛ ɗѳɳ't giѵɛ twѳ รɦitร. Huʀt ɑɳyѳɳɛ wɛ cɑʀɛ ɑɓѳut, wɛ wiʆʆ gɛt yѳu ɑɳɗ รuck ɑʆʆ tɦɛ ɓʆѳѳɗ ѳut ѳԲ yѳu tɦɛɳ ʀip yѳuʀ ɦɛɑɗ ʀigɦt ѳԲԲ yѳuʀ ɓѳɗiɛร. Cɑuรɛ tɦɑt'ร wɦɑt wɛ ɗѳ Բѳʀ ѳuʀ ʆiѵɛร ѳɳɛร!
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Name: Marcus V
Age: 17
Personality: nice and kind
Likes: being alone and the woods
Dislikes: People being hurt and annoyed
Bio: I moved here to leave my abusive father and my mother and baby sister came with me I have been going to school and I have a job to work for money so we can take care of my sister and I'm happy going where I'm going

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Name: Aito Takamatsu Itsuak
Age: 18
Species: spirit
Personality: socially awkward, loyal, kind
Likes: Writing, reading, drawing, music
Dislikes: Just rude people in general
Crush: None
Height: 6"3
Bio: not much is known about him, but he has been confirmed a spirit, the sole cause of spacialquakes
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Tɦɑɳk yѳu Բѳʀ ɑccɛptiɳg ɱɛ.
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