Gameday in about 24 hours from now for the catalist flame. You ready +Clay Davis we bout to be clutch bros.

say hello to BC. that is my new rap name yall

boi we are doing so good. have about 7 songs for an album that we can put together im so proud of both of us.we work really hard day in and day out to get this were we need to be

okay heres what i just wrote
1. im back nobodys gonna stop me
2. hit em with the truth so they know whos got me
3.there aint no casualty 
4. when ur in his family 
5. im not worried about the money fame or the cars 
6. jewls girls or the stars 
7. cause ive got god in my heart 
8. i dont know where to start
9. with god in my heart 
10.everything is good
11.dont have to worry about the hood
11.cause with god there 
12.people will start to care


man got so many ideas swimming in my head right now.

im back nobody is gonna stop me.
god is good.

Writing new songs. Findign beats. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. be sure to go check out on soundcloud Dayvito-Jesus Freak. its fire
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