The rules have changed- no more spam allowed. I know I have posted a few spam posts, but I will delete them. Thanks, and bye! -tii

Anyone wanna meet :)
im so lonely :(

Ookayyyyy 14 members in what...1 week? Yay :) 
Im just gonna pick a moderater just bcuz :)

hai :P I just like that face :P :P :P...
so anyways I had been playing fantage since November 10th, 2011 and um i was NEVER a mem but currently is lvl. 256 but for some reason people keep thinking im a mem but cant they check my id fone??!!
I own 4 homes and I like to edit...
jsuk I used to make vids but deleted em but I kinda regret doing that :(..
I had been first in the hall of fame of the trendsetters list YAY

I ish Flying Pandas hehe I make videos on YouTube (duh why did i say that) I edit a lot and i like joining communities and giving support.
Some things you HAVE to know about me.
1. When im cranky i tend to be rlly rude ( doesnt change my personality tho)
2. I am willing to do something if i am rewarded ( jk lmao)
3. I like to joke a lot and get off topic.

If you didnt know those things your lucky i told yhu....
Dont ask...


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Hi, I'm Meme Panda, but just call me Meme. I have been playing fantage since Oct. 2011, and in my opinion, it has changed alot...
I am a non member, level 311 at the moment.
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Omfg!This is like my fifth fantage cominuty xD and their all bascially the same : edits,recolor,animation,tip,cheats,accounts..but this is one is fantage everything so IDK if i will stay here.

Im thinking of doing a suprize video details yet but if your wondering why just think of this month...cough febuary... So if you want to be in the suprize video please give me a link to your Oc.No questions asked. :)

Hey guys, I'm selling Long Elegant hair! My kiosk is 15D-3
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