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Our face to face Star Trek Adventures campaign has launched, and with it my deep exploration of 2D20~

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We will be running The Veil by +Fraser Simons​ for 9 sessions; three consecutive sessions for each of us. First up is +Jean-François St-Onge​, second will be +ivanmike1968​ and I will go last~

The link below is to Session 1. We recorded Session 0, but it is not yet available for viewing. A prelude for the character of Tess was played just before this session, and is also linked below.

This is a learning experience where we discuss the game as we play it, reference the rules, and work together to enhance our understanding. The session ends with feedback and assessment about the game and our interaction with it.

The Veil, by Samjoko, is a variation on the Apocalypse World system, and is of particular interest for its examination of Cyberpunk through the emotional states of its characters. It's the tears in rain, newspapers blowing back and forth, and grey skies over ports of cyberpunk, more than (in a way) the gear list and creds sort.

Session 1

Prelude: Tess

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Does anyone have an interest in 'Flashing Blades?"

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The print copy of Cabal arrived today, but it has a story to tell~

Video to come
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Presented for discussion:

Hi all
Have been lurking on various utube RPG related posts for ages. Thought it was about time I raised my head above the parapet and showed my face.
I love rpgs and have been playing a variety of games for over 10 years mainly with family and a small group of friends.
I hope to widen my playing circle and learn from you guys. I am eager to explore the pros and cons of a wide variety of systems and genres. I use fantasy grounds and roll 20. At the moment I am dming Curse of Strand 5e with a group of friends on Wednesday evenings and try and get a game with family on very irregular Sundays; that's a kinda homebrew DND thing.

The games the thing!!

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Something to talk about?

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The creator of the forthcoming 'Red Markets' is playtesting their quickstart document. Help from those unfamiliar with the project is desired~

Hi! A bit late to the party, but I am in the process of learning Mythras. I only played 3-4 total sessions of Stormbringer 1,2 and 4th editions way back about 30 years ago, so I remember practically nothing. I just got the printed edition of Mythras and the pdf.

These days I play and run a lot of Burning Wheel, and D&D 5E . I dabble in some PbtA, and have played a ton of different systems.

I just read the skills chapter, and am about to start reading the combat rules. I'm sure character creation is fun and all, but finding a detailed, yet fun combat system is what drew me here. (And watching +Runeslinger 's videos, as well as +Justinian Herzog 's)

Anyone interested in discussion?
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