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I just picked up the gorgeous new labels for our Ajna Light Presentation boxes and Carrying bags - now just waiting for the prototypes so I can share them with the Community! The new Ajna website is almost completed as well!  And there is an upcoming workshop with Diana Manilova, incorporating her Karma Yoga workshop with Ajna Light work - June 20-23, 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
for an idea of what it is about.  This is a very small group as we'll be exploring new territory, and there is room for just 2 more people.  please send any questions to me - Janine

If you want to get to the real core of your true self then the Ajna Light is for you.  With minimal effort you can clean out those long forgotten stored memories, old patterns, unwanted emotional baggage and become the person you choose to be.  Without any expectation, just allow yourself to experience whatever comes up during your session.  Be a witness to it and work with it, or let it go...  Allow the consciousness of the light to take you on your path of reinventing yourself by choice. it is a truly rewarding experience.  Are you ready for the magic???

Looking forward to meeting new and old Light friends here!
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