Hi, I am new users of Sabayon Linux. I have problem about my printer EPSON L360 series, the problem is I had tried insert ppd's of this printer but it not working. I am getting my driver printer in this URL http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/du/02/DriverDownloadInfo.do?LG2=EN&CN2=&DSCMI=34541&DSCCHK=141ba614c212ead0099d27f8dc8f2bc35faf7781. Would give me solution to solve this? Thanks

hey new to this group, but i would like some info i haven't used sabayon in a very long time for the past 5 years its been arch only. I installed gentoo but omg what a nightmare, i wanted t6o move source based i know that is an option with sabayon but how does it compare to gentoo, crux, lunar. is this a better learning platform as an upgrade to arch? but stability matters, i just installed buntu since 6.06 and wow talk about buggy and bloated and slow oh an it just freezes for no reason, very very unstable, 

Hy! trying to run sabayon server over hyper-v: 16.11 anaconda does not even start. Trying my luck with 17.03. Suggestions?

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KDE --
For those interested in a fancy dock for your desktop if trying to make it look perhaps more like macOS, the developers behind Now Dock and Candil Dock have joined forces to create a new dock solution called Latte Dock. Today marks the first release of this Qt/KDE-focused Latte Dock offering. 

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My desktop Sabayon with KDE

I tried install Sabayon Mate 17.04 but anaconda installer doesn't work again

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It is finished. The blog post on Bash scripting is finished, although any edit suggestions will be welcome. http://linux.x10host.com/blog/index.php/2015/10/31/an-introduction-to-bash-scripting-on-sabayon/

I am fairly new to Sabayon. I have tried all of the desktops, and I have to say I really like and now use KDE Sabayon. I am a retired Microsoft Certified Engineer that supported MS Exchange for almost 15 years. But I have liked and used one distro or another of Linux since the 90s. Yes back in the days that we had to roll our on kernels for the machines. I also used VMware workstation since before version 1. I have not done any coding for almost 15 years now but I am looking for ways to be helpful if I can.


I am full of "warning: setlocale: LC_NUMERIC: cannot change locale (C.UTF-8)" messages when upgrading, and a few applications (like Battle for Wesnoth) do not start because "Caught general exception: locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid". How do I get the locale correctly again, please?

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I have just written another post on my blog, this time about Sabayon and VirtualBox, including how one may install VirtualBox on Sabayon and how one may install VirtualBox Guest Additions on a Sabayon guest machine. As always any corrections or other constructive comments will be welcome. 
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