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Hey everybody. When I took this class, for the project I intended to develop a for-profit course on Udemy, but decided for an anti-plagiarism computational tool.

After seeing some classmates' courses, I decided to make the Udemy course anyway. I made a course to help Arduino makers transition into real hardware developers.

In case someone's interested either in taking the course, or giving feedback, I'm including the link here.

Hello. Is Piazza for 2016 Fall available yet? Thanks.

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Hello Friends,

Could you please help me by taking a look at ANY ONE LESSON of the "Illustrated Notes for Advanced Operating Systems course" and then completing the 10-questions survey below? It should take only 3 minutes of your time to complete the survey.

Illustrated Notes for AOS:


Note: I assure you that your time will be well-spent because I believe you will have strong opinions on this work that is related to the requirement of memorization in most exams.

Thank you in advance.

Bhavin Thaker. 

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This might be an amazing project to get involved in for EdTech next semester. They seem like they need help (they have not asked.)

Seminar video: "Providing meaningful learning analytics data to teachers: a tool to complete the loop" now at

This session explored an open source web-based learning analytics tool (Loop) that uses data from learning management systems to provide meaningful feedback to teachers.

The Loop tool is the result of a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, Macquarie University and the University of South Australia, funded by the Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT).

I started looking through all the resources on Udacity for Spring '16. Anyone else getting a jump on reading for the Spring semester? Anyone from the Fall have any suggestions on any good resources? I'm stepping through the wiki and seeing where that takes me.

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This book is very good. I am reading its Chinese translation now. Cover a lot on MOOC and big data in education.

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Just read part of this article. What do u think about it?

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As this is my first semester, I cannot join the course, however  I am very much interested in this field. As there will be no lectures for this class, I was wondering whether I could join the piazza forum of this class?
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