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OK fellow themers you may share this group with whomever you want just make sure you don't add spammers.

#staythemeing !

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Hi, we updated Flatty Light to version 2.3, which contains large-scale visual changes.
- Nougat: Fixed white text on white background in Google Dialer.
- Nougat: Added choice of system accent.
- Nougat: Fixed a bug in the YouTube with black icons bar status in vertical mode.
- Nougat: New notification icons for Viber, Telegram, Adb, Market, Screenshot, Google play music, Dialers, Sms, Substratum.
- Nougat: Added overlay for Google Play music.
- Nougat: Fixes in Google.
- Nougat: Fixes in Google Keep.
- Nougat: Changes in the volume bar.

Download -

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N Navbar Pro have 4 new navbars, a new plugin, a new system to see navbars in the wallpaper plugin section, new images in the PlayStore and all the above functions but improved!
So enjoy this new big update ^^

Only with Substratum

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Black Friday?? Oh yeah guys ;) I'm ready

N Navbar Pro:
Ocean Sapphire:
Parkour Theme:
Substratum Toolkit:
And all my other themes...

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Hi guys 😎
New big update for N Navbar Pro

⏺️_New Navbar: PixBar 2ver_: a new dimension for the Pixlel Navbar home button
⏺️ New Navbar: OnlyG
⏺️ New Navbar: LightGray ( the Navbar is white to point out buttons )
⏺️ Fix and added Assitant Navbar that was disappeared
⏺️_New Plugin_

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Hi Guys :)
Today I'm very happy so i want make to all of you a small gift ^^
All my applications are on promotion. I also want to give to 15 of you, one promo code to my app of your choice. The promotion starts from now until tomorrow night. I pull the numbers through this website:
To participate you have to +1 this post, share it and you must be registered to my community.
I recommend you to put +1 on this main post.
Thank you all :)
Most Request Themes:
Substratum Toolkit:
N Navbar PRO:
Parkour Theme:
Ocean Sapphire Theme:

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Hey guys 🙋🏻‍♂️
Finally the new update is out ^^
N Navbar Pro now have the new Google pixel navbar and other original navbars. Let me know, download share :)
N Navbar have reached 31'000+ download thank you all guys for your support I love you very much :)
I m working hard for you ^^

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Now with the new Pixel Navbar 😋
Thank you all for the 25'000+ downloads

I'm using Resurrection remix(based on cm13) on my OnePlus one. Is there any way I can disable cm theme engine and use layers instead?

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I had change the name and idea on this navbar pack guys :) Now this is the pro version of N Navbar. Here you can find new unpublished navbars and my personal reinterpretation of Nougat navbar 😉

Thank you all 😀
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