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Sorry for the no posting i feel like im failimg this comunity
here is my undertale oc

Name:Kyo Mizuki
Age:16-18 (he's never told anyone his actual age)
Interests:Collecting necklaces and consuming lots of sugar
Dislikes:People who are of no use to him
Bio:Kyo grew up normal, but he's always caused trouble to make it interesting he's never liked normal things he has 2 sisters and they live with their Mum,He doesn't any other bio really but meeting him is more than enough entertainment.
(He says lame a lot)

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Thnx fr accepting 😝

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Name: Sketch

Age: 11

Crush) um........ i not say >///<

Hobbie: drawing, painting, poetry, and watching horror movies with sans

Bio: She came from the undertale au Inktale. Ink was like her best friend till one day she was seperated from him. She awoke in a small flower patch, confused, scared. She then met a flower. Well you kno the rest she met two skeleton brothers but she also met a young human/monster gurl with strange powers. The girl had to wear gloves all the time becouse if you wear to touch her hand it would turn you to ice.

Hidden secret: she wears gloves all the time because her hands are almost completly transparent, along with her tourso and part of her leg due to this you can see her bones

Best friends:
Frisk ( +Frisk The Mercy​)
Sans ( +Elemental knight​​​)
Snowflake ( +Snow darku cipher heir of nightmare king​​​)
Ink ( +oka ruto Ebola-chan piper mclean lukes lover​​)

(P.s i kno this is not the true story of ink so plz no hate)

Hey guys thx for helpinp my becomin a member!!!

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This has my OC in the font family! I realized after I drew it that it looked like steven universe.
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Hello thx for exepthing me
(Art not mine but its kawaii)

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Hello i am the owner feel free to post
(Art by me)
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