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DistroHopper (formerly known as Ubuntu Launcher) can now once more be downloaded from the Google Play Store! Give it a go and let me know what you think ;-)
As always, user feedback greatly influences the direction of the project.
Widget support and some other functionality is in the making.

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I guess after over 4 years in development it's starting to become time to release version 1.0 ;-) Starting closed beta testing of the new DistroHopper now, with themes for Ubuntu, elementary OS and Gnome.
A lot of customisation options that used to be present are no longer there for the time being as they are being overridden by themes, but as always I'll listen to any feedback I get from my users and if there's enough interest in a particular theme or feature I might just implement it. So once it's been released, be sure to let me know any feedback or feature requests you may have ;-)

Is this still using the html doc for the launcher page? If so might be able to do some things.

HI!, let me say: the launcher is is fabulous!

comment / request

-option to remove the top bar

-the size of the icons ( in the dash ) the same size as the launcher. (please!)

-Unity theme 8 (Optional)

-Icon themes support

its the only thing.

everything is great! Super fast!
super lightweight ! saves battery !
very attractive!

Excellent job! do not give up !

I've only been using this launcher for a short time, but I'd love to suggest/recommend a few things.

1. Like others, I'd love to see widget support

2. A transparent notification bar would also add to the beauty of this

3. Support for icon packs would also be great

4. Unread count for the icons on the launcher (email/Gmail, messages, phone)

5. Be able to hide apps from the dash ( there's many I don't use, or want to use)

Just a few thoughts, and please take this as creative criticism. Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!   

Just stumbled across this launcher and instantly fell in love. Keep uo the great work, and I look forward to future updates and added features!

Hi, I'm running the 0.6.0 beta and love it. I thought I saw a mention of a Gnome theme but i only have Ubuntu and Elementary OS themes in the settings. Is there a separate download of more themes or am I just crazy?

How to download a beta launcher?

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Some people were asking me for up-to-date APK files, so for anyone who wants to have a look at what's new or wants to start testing, here you go :) app-release.apk is what you want.
Keep in mind that this is not a stable release, though, and that you won't automatically be notified of updated builds. So check back every now and again if you want to stay up-to-date.

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Progress update on Ubuntu Launcher (which was recently renamed to DistroHopper);
* Themes (currently Ubuntu, #elementaryOS, Gnome Shell)
* Search sources
* Lots of optimisations and backend code changes
* RIP Android 2.2 support as it's b I t supported by some of the libraries I'm using (minimum is now 2.3 although as always not all features are available below Android 4.0)

#Linux #Android #UbuntuLauncher #DistroHopper #Ubuntu
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