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Welcome to furs and feathers okay please be nice to your warm blooded friends okay and you can RP what ever you want and anthro is allowed and have fun my warm blooded friends

Birth place/date:
Paws/hands (if your a mammal):
Wings(if your a bird):
Beak (if your a bird):
Wepons (if you have any):
Power(if you have any):

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Oof. I want to die

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Name: Calvin

Spieces: Raccoon

Age: 19 years old

Birth place/date: 3 of May 1998 on Paris,France

Color: Clear brown

Eyes: Brown

Feet: Dark brown

Paws/hands: Dark Brown

Gender: Male

Clothes: None

Personality: Charming, gentlemanly, seductive and elegant

Weapons: None

Powers: able to communicate with humans and mythological creatures
Likes: Explore the world,human culture,food,parties,fantasy story,human fashion,girls and women, and techonlogie.

Dislikes: Be isolated from the whole world, acorns, mistreatment of women, negative influences, clothes made with animal skins, bad smell and ignorants
Abilities: night vision, climb trees and developed smell (skills of a normal raccoon)

Bio: He was born in the park "the forest of Vincennes" of Paris, France on 3 of May of 1998.

His parents are Amelie and Joyce, two raccoons who managed to escape from a market where exotic animals were trafficked for later purchase and sale.When they managed to flee, they hid in the park "the forest of Vincennes" in a moment of looking for where to sleep and in which Amelie would give birth to her since she was pregnant at that moment.
Both he and his brothers were isolated from the outside. In spite of that, Calvin was very curious so he took advantage of his parents going to look for food in the night, while he and his brothers went to explore the streets of Paris...That sometimes brings problems to his parents.
He learned little by little to walk on two legs as if it were a human being.and when he could do it, he taught some of his siblings to walk that way.
The young Calvin always dreamed of being all over Paris and the world but he would have to wait until seven months to be independent of his parents.
While he had to wait (when he was 10 years old), he felt very envious of his sister Annete only because she can go to explore the outside world when she is pleased. But you should not be envious of him because the rest of his siblings also waited that day.
When the day arrived, he was very happy to go out into the outside world and explore it but on the condition that he should in time should see his brothers and his parents again.
From that day on, his dream of exploring the streets of Paris and then exploring the world was fulfilled.
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Dakota: Crying and sad because she lost her tail,and is replaced by a pair of legs,but she doesn't have her esquimo clothes I-I didn't.... No...

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Hello fellow companions
Yall may be wondering who i am...
Well, first of my character is a shape shifter and is a dragon god...
Chaos (me) HATES when girls are treated with disrespect just to let yall know...
I am hoping to roleplay sometime if anyone is willing...

Chaos is 15 and single
Looking for a mate foresay...
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Name: Akshara
Species: Golden tabby tiger
Age: 22
Birth place/date:
Color: pic
Eyes: pic
Feet: pic
Paws/hands (if your a mammal): pic
Wings(if your a bird):
Beak (if your a bird):
Gender: female
Clothes: red and gold sari
Personality: kind, nervous sometimes, social, quiet, lovable
Weapons (if you have any):
Power(if you have any): can make plants grow
Likes: music, singing, dancing, traveling, India, Indian music
Dislikes: being in crowded places, loud noises, most music that isn't Indian

artist: me

So, one girl want to role-play with me?

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Name: Fortuna
Spieces: Braixen
Age: 22
Birth place/date: Hoenn
Color: Yellow and Orange
Eyes: Red
Feet: Black
Paws/hands (if your a mammal): White
Gender: Female
Clothes: Bowtie, but mostly nude
Personally: Sass Master
Wepons (if you have any): Torch
Power(if you have any): Fire abilities
Likes: Fire, Meat, Nudity
Dislikes: Jerks
Ability: Able to make anything catch on fire, even water
Bio: She likes fire, games, and meat. She also is a nudist so don't expect to see her wearing many clothes. Hell, she even goes nude in public.

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A Catty Noir doll
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You were sexual deprived at home. Your husband worked long hours and never had time to satisfy you in the bed. One day you order something and I delivered it. You feel for my older looks but still slightly in shape body. Since then you constantly order things online and have me deliver them. One day, you open the door wearing some sexy underwear.
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