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My Inkling, James
He has the ability to command the portals ( and Super Saws (

Profile template
Age: 14
Weapon: Any hero weapon, or a Super Saw launcher, which looks like a Halo 5 Rocket Launcher, but fires Super Saws and can be charged
Species: Basic Inkling

Portals can:
• Hover
• Fly
• Speak
• Turn themselves on or off (they will not affect objects and people who pass through them, but will still hover, speak, and fly. Speed portals will begin colliding with the environment)
• Teleportation portals are no longer locked to specific coordinates or angles relative to one another and are two-way, meaning you can go into an east - facing orange portal in Minnesota and exit through the blue portal in Texas, also facing east.
• Unfortunately, be possessed by devices that look like Suction Bombs, causing their lower half to turn red and causing them to obey their new master. If this device is removed, they are freed.

Super Saws can:
• Hover
• Fly
• Speak
• Tuck their blades in or bring them out
• Unfortunately, be possessed by devices that look like Suction Bombs, causing their core to turn red and causing them to obey their new master. If this device is removed, they are freed.

Forms from form portals:
Color scheme:
P: Default 4
S: Default 4
Ship: Pilots the 100 user level ship
Ball: Becomes the default ball
UFO: Operates the 50,000 jump UFO
Wave: Becomes the 1 user coin wave
Robot: Becomes the Robotop robot

Sizes of forms
Ship: User size retained, ship resized to fit user
Ball: User height ×2
UFO: User size retained, UFO resized to fit user
Wave: Exact user height
Robot: User height ×2

New form powers:
Ship: Can fly straight, turn, stop, and is equipped with an autopilot and landing gear. Sounds like a jet
Ball: Can turn, stop, and initiate a charge attack. Sounds like a car
UFO: Can fly straight, turn, and stop. Sounds like a Halo 5 Phantom
Wave: Can turn and fly in 8 angles according to gravity direction (Parrallel to planet surface if it were flat, plus 45, 90, 135, and 180 degree angles to that, above and below) (Increases to 16 when in mini mode because it travels at 22.5° angles)
Robot: Can turn, stop, stomp, and charge like the ball. Sounds like a Halo 5 Mantis

Link to Geometry Dash Icon Kit

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Name: Xeve

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, Quiet, Enthusiastic, Helpful, and Caring

Species: Neon flying squid (it can't be noticed but he's a neon flying squid)

Ink Color: neon Turquoise

Eye color: Red

Clothes: (I forgot the name ;-;)

Weapon: Carbon Splat Roller
Sub weapon: Burst Bomb
Special weapon: Inkzooka

Bio: When he first came here he literally fell down a manhole and didn't cane back after two weeks, he when he came back he had a little X mark on his hair. Few weeks later he became strong and skilled enough to wield the Carbon Roller, as later on for being a quiet guy he decided to make friends but he sadly he couldn't due to the shyness. But for now, he'll take a brake
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Please tell me it's obvious... if not I'll make a real prifile
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"How's the weather over there, dumbass? Get to the freakin' Tower!"
Name: Scout
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Inkling
Ink Color: Maroon Red
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon: Splattershot Jr.
Personality: Impatient, but sportsmanlike.
Clothes: As seen in the photo.

(This'll take some time.)
Name: Cj MIles
Gender: Male
Species: Inkling
ink: dark blue
Eyes: Brown
Clothes: (Do you want them from in game?)
Weapon: Hydra Splatling

Another dead community.
C'mon... if you post here, there's bound to be someone who's gonna join...

(I am extremely bored atm & felt like doing some rps with people I'm not familiar with... I recently joined a different rp community only to get my first post deleted.)

What makes the squid sisters so interesting. They have no character.

Looks like this community is dead.

I just now realized there's no "RolePlay" and/or "Fan Art" categories... +Marie (Neon) the Inkling Girl™​ I'm not an owner, nor own a computer myself so... plox add m8!

name: fost
gender: male
species: inkling
ink color: violet/dark purple
clothes: squash headband, cyan trainers, rockenberg black
weapons: krak-on roller, burst bomb
personality: calm intelligent and calculating
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