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Welcome to Creatures of Legend Role Play! Before you begin making a profile, please read this entire post so you will know the rules and requirements and your experience here will be as great as it can be for you and everyone else!

All mythical creatures are allowed, as well as real ones, so feel free to experiment with your choices! Your character is allowed to have powers and things, but they can also just be a normal person or being living among mythical creatures.

1. No making fun of people or being rude. If your character is being rude or mean in a role play, please make sure your partner(s) know that it is your character being mean, not you.
2. Profiles must be approved by owner or moderator before being used in a role play. Role playing with a character that doesn't have an approved profile against the rules.
3. No swearing. Some amounts of minor cursing are allowed in private role plays as long as everyone participating is completely alright with it.
4. Profile limit is five. You may delete old characters to make new ones, but make sure you tell a mod or owner clearly in the new profile when you do.
5. Listen to moderators and owners. If you refuse to cooperate with the rules, you will be banned.
6. Don't power-play. Everyone's role playing experience is important, so be sure to keep your characters from becoming over powered. Some exceptions may be made for OP characters if you are trusted not to power play with them.
7. Don't kill another person's character without permission. If your character is killed in a role play without your consent, notify an owner or mod. You will get to keep your character, and the person who killed him/her will be given a strong warning or possibly banned.
8. There can be romance in role plays, but no sexual stuff. We want to keep this PG. Darker themes such as suicide and self-harming can be allowed in private role plays as long as everyone involved is alright with it, and a disclaimer warning readers about the content must be added in the starter if there is dark content in the role play or the starter.
9. In order to advertise your community, you must have one approved profile and participated in one role play to prevent people joining just to advertise. Also, a single community can only have one posted advertisement but a single person have post advertisements for multiple communities.
10. Minimum requirements for profile:
Motto (or quote):

Suggestions on how to make this community better are always welcome! If you have a suggestion or complaint, please feel free to post it in the Suggestions category.

Thank you for reading all this! We hope you enjoy your time here!

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//Closed RP with +Cat does internet (Can't tag..)

Running.. Running seemed to be the only thing Toboe has been doing in the last few days. After leaving the small mundane town he was staying at for a while, he did not come across any other towns or cities, only open fields or hills. He didn't mind it all too much, it meant he could freely travel in his natural form, feeling the dirt being kicked up behind him with every stride, feeling the wind flow through his cinnamon coloured fur or the wind striking against his face. Several hours later, he had pushed through long enough to make for good time that day. He found a valley with rubble lying scattered around the grassy field. A stray building turned to ruin over time, he thought as he approached. He jumped onto a piece of the rubble that rested underneath an overhang of stone. Exhausted, he didn't bother looking around before sleep over powered the young wolf.
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Alone in the forest, a younger guy sat, playing his guitar. He had messy brown hair and a playful smile as he listened to the faintest giggle of the forest nymphs and fairies. They remained unseen of course, but he knew they were there, and he enjoyed playing music for them

he smoothed out his long red and orange leather jacket, stopping the music and looking around
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//Redid her bio.

Name: Shay

Age: 414

Gender: Female

Species: Reincarnated Dragon.

Personality: Shay is a quiet reserved person until you coax her out of her shell. (which doesn’t take much effort) Once she’s comfortable, she’s like a whole new person. She’s talkative, sociable, action-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, and outgoing. In other words, a total extrovert as well as a daredevil. She loves going on new adventures and exploring.
However if you do anything to hurt her she’ll turn cold, cutting you off completely.

Description: Human form: Shay has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She's about 5’7”. She wears flare style grey pants, along with a dark green short sleeve shirt.

Bio: Shay grew up in the 1600s when witchcraft and wizardry was popular. Her mother was witch in fact. She daily practiced spells with a wand and potions with a cauldron. Her favorite magic was transfiguration. (Making one something into a different something)
As a young child, Shay was obsessed with dragons. She wanted to be a dragon. She asked her mother to concoct a spell to make her one. She obliged, but had to get help from a wisard to put it together. After several months, it was finished! Shay gulped the foul tasting liquid, but nothing happened. Disappointed, she started to cry. Her mother apologized, and after a while Shay forgave her.
When she was 21 her love of dragons still held fast. She got a job working for Larkspur, the wisard most famous for his work with dragons. One winter evening, Larkspur returned to his home carrying a dragon egg. After a little research, they discovered it was an Ice Dragon’s egg.
The Mother of the egg was not happy about Larkspur taking her egg and tracked him down to take it back. Only five hours after Larkspur had originally got back, the dragon came. She destroyed the house to get her egg back, killing Larkspur in the process. Luckily, Shay got out in time to avoid the rubble, but not the dragon. After finding her egg, the mother saw Shay running for get life. Thinking she was the one who took her egg, the dragon breathed ice to encase her. The potion she'd drunk all those years ago reacted with the dragon’s magic to give Shay a dragon form.
You see, the potion didn't work when Shay took it because it didn't have any DNA to transform Shay. Since DNA wasn't injected directly into the potion it would need a magical substance to trigger the transformation.
Shay’s form was the same as the Snow dragons, but the potion allowed her to keep the human form and shift in between.

Powers: Shay’s dragon form is an snow dragon.
She can telepathically control ice, which means she can form walls, sharp blades, surfaces, etc.
She can make frost appear on a surface of any kind.
She has the ability to create snow storms, or just light snow.

Likes: Flying. Meeting new people. Perfectly toasted marshmallows. Star gazing.

Dislikes: Getting yelled at. Burnt taste. Fish. Large crowds.

Motto: “All days are good as long as you focus on the good.”

Art not mine

Name: robin
Gender: boy
Species: unknown, but much like humans
Abilities: immortality, massive arsenal of weapons, super strength, enhanced faster than eyes can track speed. (Over 9,000 mph by the way)
Weaknesses: apathy, laziness, hunger, to much pain can knock him out.
Motto: "I don't take kindly to bullies, around me they're life expectancy goes down to nill."
Likes: food, chocolate, rum.
Dislikes: bullies, jerks, thieves, bad food.
Bio: a pirate who has lived for basically as long as this world has been around, he runs around blowing things and peope up for fun or justice. Also, he has a space pirate ship.
Description: red eyes, brown trench coat, funny and various hats, combat boots, cargo pants, and a shirt that say real men love cats.

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Name: Drakkirion, usually Drakk

Nickname: Drakk, Dragonboy, firespitter, hothead, dragon breath, smarta** supreme

Species: Originally a demigod, changed into a half dragon/elder dragon

Age: exact age unknown, but looks around 19-22

Gender: Male

Sexuality: straight

Appearance: Messy unkempt hair, startlingly bright blue eyes that seem to glow slightly, well muscled, great shape, always has a troublemaker smirk

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 163 lbs

Hair Color: light brown

Hair Length: shortish

Skin Color: tan

Eye Color: startlingly bright blue

Clothes/Outfits: usually wears a tank top and jeans with a flannel shirt if trying to fit in, otherwise he wears a long red and black leather Pyromancer's jacket that was given to him long ago, and has slits in the back for his wings.

-Changes forms into a giant firey dragon, sometimes without meaning to like when he gets too mad or exited
-super senses
-heals fast from almost anything besides decapitation
-can breath fire and fire doesnt effect him, it usually makes him stronger, can control fire and project it, but just in human form
-super strength
-amazing reflexes
-partial transformation

-very easily distracted, usually by girls or food
-needs to eat a LOT, like three times as much as a normal human, if he starves, he gets very weak and his healing slows down to a crawl.
-hates the cold because it makes him slow and think slowly

Bio: He was from ancient Greece, a son of the god Apollo. He was a champion of Sparta, defeating entire armies by himself due to his already great strength and fast healing, not to mention his skill by the sword. He lived like a king until the actual king started worrying, having heard a prophecy about how Drakkirion would be the one to destroy him, so he came up with a plan to get rid of him for good.
The next morning the king sent for Drakk, to send him on a quest to slay the great dragon Ladon who guarded the garden of the golden apples. He sailed out the next morning , no questions asked, and no one really knows what happened on the quest, but after two long years with no sign of him or the ship he sailed out on, Drakkirion showed up at the kings palace, dragging a giant decapitated head of the golden dragon. Now the king didn't expect the demigod to make it back, the quest should've been impossible, so when Drakkirion had first left, The king had ordered drakk's wife and son killed, afraid that they would've taken revenge. Little did he know, The soldier returned, and he did indeed fulfill the prophecy, growing large dragon wings, his body getting covered in red scales as he grew into a massive fiery red dragon himself. No one except him knows how he came to be the next elder dragon, but nowadays he's a lot more easygoing, having had centuries to get over it, and to lose the harsh personality of the spartan he was.
He spends most pf his time hanging around with friends, chasing after girls, and partying.

Quirks: He puts hot sauce on almost everything, he reads a lot, but wouldn't admit to it, he bites pencils when drawing, and he MUST pet every dog he Sees, but watch out, because he loves to get into trouble, usually involving theft of some sort or else a prank gone horribly right.

Likes: girls, food, art, and pranking people.

Dislikes: unfairness, cruelty without reason, hurting people, and sheep (the wool gets stuck in your teeth!)

Theme song instead of motto: Wake me up, Avivii. A song about never wanting to grow up, wanting to stay young and free forever.
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smokeyfeathers was looking for berrys but suddenly she tripped on some vines and got her foot stuck and vines wrapped around my waist she squirmed and chirped but it did not help and she got tangled even more she started strugling and an hour later you came across me and found me tired and all tangled up suddenly you..

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General Veralique The Ivory

War dragon

Age: 690

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Clan: None

Rank: Former General (Rogue?)

Wing span: 680 ft

Length: 1,368 ft

Height: 497 ft

Powers: Very fast, second sight, Black flames and black lightning

Likes: Any kind of meat, fruits, Laying in the ocean, flying, politeness, To fight and defend her clan (if anyone were to accept her)

Dislikes: Her family/Clan being threatened, vegetables, unwarranted attitude

Personality: Strong willed, Overly confident in her skills, but is also very sensitive if you get to know her due to her rough past.

Bio: Born from a noble family, Veralique was naturally massive due to her noble lineage. As she got older she was recognized for her natural strength and flexible mind that came great in combat. She soon became General, but not long after when she was on a tour with the army the King and Queen were ambushed and the invading army succeeded in their coup and she was banished. She now lives as a rouge, but she hopes to find a clan soon and that her mistakes as a young dragoness do not repeat themselves after centuries of maturing. And some part of her hopes for a mate one day. After 300 years she learned how to turn into a human, now she walks among them in her free time in the 21st century. She works as an actress in medieval plays across the country.

Motto: Love can change, it can change for the best...or the worst.. Choose wisely when saying you love me.

Appearance: In pic

Extras: A long scar across her face rendering her half blind in both forms

Picture credit: #ArtNotMine
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Does anyone know where +Skye Ryme's posts went?

Dear Community, especially the owners (can't tag anyone for some reason), I have a little suggestion to edit the rules.

Point 1: Some cursing is allowed in roleplay only, and only if your partner(s) is okay with lightly censored or uncensored cursing. The same applies to NSFW content.
Point 2: If this rule is applied, please have a disclaimer at the top of the RP post stating if there is language or mature content in it, in case any people who read it may come across something they didn't want to see. Also, if your story contains any triggering content such as self harm, rape, or suicide, please post a warning in the post.
Another option is to create private posts for mature or potentially triggering RPs.
Thank you for your attention!
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