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lmao fuck this community
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I don't know why FNAF fans hate the UTTP. There's nothing wrong with opinions!

Scott Cawthoon dont create FNAF for fight

Alright guys, I decided to put an end to this UTTP attack. Spam these peace documents to the UTTP. Replace the Represenetive part at the end:

Dear UTTP,
I am here not to torrent or incite you, but to address a message of peace and reconciliation. You may see these messages in spam, but please be aware that we are not here to fight.

We have experienced, witnessed, and participated in hatred, spam, and “war”. Our communities are tired of fighting, bickering, and simply hating on each other. We would like to create accord a compromise of unity and friendship. To do this we will follow these steps:
We will not provoke each other and respect each other’s privacy, thoughts, and hobbies.
We will only discord the communities, and people that continually provoke each other. We won’t fight unless they frustrate us first.
We will keep these steps as long as we can, which creates everlasting harmony and peace.
We ask you to follow these steps too. Which results in each community posting in harmony of what they like without the interruption of others. That means please do not provoke and hate the communities you do not like. These are easy, simple, and uncomplicated ways to avoid such distress.
Simply ignore them. Just scroll to another page or click on something else
Block them, so that you’ll never see their posts again.R
Report the authorities if they are causing many continuous damage 
We will do the same as you do to us. Please treat us the way you want to be treated

Junwon P.
(Representator(S) (Your Name))

i hope this peace will last forever

We had peace and now its gone..........GODDAMMIT 

I'm here to enshure everyone the FNAF Elite wants peace. I'm a moderator there (one of the mods that were banned during the attack) and I want nothing but peace betwen us and the UTTP. Some members don't trust the UTTP. I said I won't react to their 'warrnings' how you'll attack without proof,and they sent me your plans to attack robolox. I'm not here to start fights or problems so please no hate.

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Hell ya

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See it might not been a uttp member who did it!
Haha that fucking troll XD

I'm happy that someone made this community
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