When I was a student, I would read my required readings during my commute to school. When I first started working, I would try to complete the sudoku during my commute to work and if I had extra time I will selectively read the articles in the newspaper. In my last year of commute to work, I tried to read the entire newspaper every single ride. Some articles, made my heart jumped faster. It was really hard to read.

I wrote about what I do during my commute (or transit time) and it disappeared from here so I am not re-writing it. Nothing for you to read.

Public photos posted by yourself are photos that you want people to see. A period of missing photos means there was a period of time where no photos were taken.

Sometimes, it might be hard to look at past photos. Sometimes, it might be regrettable that no photos were taken.

First Post

Once you post something here, you cannot erase it. Only post here, if you want to.

Write something that you want to erase here or write something that you want to say but cannot say for the longest time. Remember, you can't erase it afterwards, once you hit post. Remember what you wrote could be really hard to read for some people and even yourself.

I will start off with this:

Some people tattoo stuff on themselves and then they want to edit it or erase it. No editing here, no erasing.
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