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Lynn Reedy

Discussion  - 
Hello everyone. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist from Stafford Springs, CT and would like to connect one of my groups of first graders with another first grade class to do a Town Mouse Country Mouse project end of year connection. We would be the Country Mice and would like to connect with another class that would be the City Mice. The students have already created a Google My Maps of their town to share with their partner class. We would meet via Google Hangouts and share information about our communities. Questions would be exchanged with each other ahead of time. Please contact me if you are interested and I will provide more details about the project. We are looking to connect on Tuesday, June 7 at 2:00 EST.
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Tom Mullaney

Discussion  - 
I have a teacher who wants to put all of her student's boards into one place where all students can view them. Can this be done? If so, how? Thank you for any suggestions.
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Ciao. . .
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Nikita Bhatkar

Discussion  -
All worries over as CopyMyAssignment is at your rescue ,whether it be anything regarding your studies just try and remember who is at your rescue?
Visit --
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ISTE designed a 10-week, team based, professional learning program around mobile learning in K-12 classrooms. With support from a grant through Verizon Foundation the Mobile Learning Academy (VMLA) is an online course for teams from a school or district who want to begin, develop, review, and improve their current mobile learning programs. This course is taught through ISTE's LMS and led by a personal Instructional Consultant who is a subject matter expert. The VMLA is offered to schools within the US and its territories. Participants gain new knowledge in mobile technology, connect with 100's of educators in the private G+ community, and earn 2.5 Continuing Education Units through Johns Hopkins University. The VMLA opportunity and CEUs are offered for free as part of Verizon's commitment to the ConnectEd Initiative. Learn about upcoming cycles and the easy application details by visiting

You know your students need digital age skills to compete in a global economy, and you're committed to using mobile technology to deliver anytime, anywhere learning. But how do you get there? VMLA---part-01. This free 10-week course will help your team achieve new heights with curriculum ...
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Laura Miller

Discussion  - 
Excited to hear from Steve, Andrew, and Kelly. +INEducation
Laura Miller originally shared:
Hear Ramsey Musallam +Nathan Davidson abd +Robbie Grimes at eLEAD 2016 on the Anderson University campus. Register at Over 200 sessions on integration of technology into the classroom, blended learning, STEMS, digital citizenship and so much more. Two days of learning (June 21-22) for only $40. Plan to join us for the Networking Social on June 21 from 4-5:30 p.m.

Proud to be part of the +IDOE Office of eLearning Summer of eLearning.

Second opportunity: Educational Leadership in a Digitally Powered World with Common Sense Media June 20, Pendleton, IN 
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Less than a week. Registration is over 600. Can't wait to here about leading the line from +Steve Dembo Discovery Education 
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Yan Sun

Discussion  - 
The progress of technology is changing every aspect of our life, from the way we communicate with each other, the way we live and even the way our brains work. In the field of education, technology has also completely reconstructed how we carry out teaching and learning.
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Binnoy Panicker

Discussion  - 
[1] How Sin( ) is a measure of how perpendicular two objects/ forces are.

[2] How cos is at measure of how parallel two forces/ objects are.

[3] i = Rotation by 90 degrees. i^2=Rotation by 180 degrees.
i^3 = Rotation by 270 degrees.
i^4= Rotation by 360 degrees.

[4] Transpose of a Matrix = Rotation by 180 degree.

Transpose of (Transpose of) a matrix = Rotation by 360 degrees.

[5] e^i(angle) = rotation by that angle.

[6] sin(30) = 1/2 because at 30 deg the influence of a force/object reduces to half.

For example the shadow of a stick reduces to 1/2 at 30 deg.

[7] A x B = |A| |B|sin(angle btwn A & B).

total combined impact in cross product depends upon.. . . . .
how strong A is
how strong B is.
How perpendicular A and B are w.r.t each other.

e.g A ball hitting a wall will produce max impact at 90 deg.

Pdf book link

Blog link

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Gali Lev Ari

Discussion  - 
Looking for classes from Asia and Europe to do kidblog projects together. My idea is that each month, children from various places in the world will write about the same subject like: myself, my city, my favorite song etc. By that it will be more interesting to read and comment as all of them have written on the same subject. It is a yearly project and we can let the children vote every month what will be the subject. We are 3 teachers, I am from Israel, one from New Zealand and one from Illinois (3-5th graders). We would like some classes to join as. who wants ? (it can be added to the regular blogging program and not instead). Let's create something global together !!! 
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