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The Rules of Debian GNU/Linux and Universe and Everything related

First and foremost those who show disrespect to the Debian GNU/Linux founder who died because of idiocy of this World will be banned without warning.

For all those to whom reading this simple rules and guides is too much so its TL;DR, they can consider leaving community.

1. Shares across multiple Communities, that mean posts that are spammed in many communities and are usually linkbaits and clickbaits to their own blogs and belong in personal streams will be deleted as spam. Posts which have been shared to another community which contain information directly referencing Debian GNU/Linux and its direct derivatives are immune to this deletion.

2. Shares containing information about Debian GNU/Linux Derivatives including but not limited to CrunchBang, Mepis, LMDE, antiX or similar are not recommendable but if you have a question to ask about them or do want to show some screenshot or introductory video it will be reconsidered by mods whether your post will be deleted or left in community.
You can post such posts about those systems but not self promotional videos who are actually baits to move users away from Debian GNU/Linux

3. Posts about Ubuntu or how to install something in Ubuntu which usually is not the same as in Debian GNU/Linux will be deleted immediately without further reconsideration.

4. Those who break any of the rules multiple times will get removed from community and banned.

5. Those who post clickbait articles connected to their blogs which are not totally Debian GNU/Linux related will also get removed.
Its up to moderating team to decide whether your post is just a click bait or just a link to good article.

6. If you post link to an article about Debian GNU/Linux or how to do things in Debian or some other useful Linux related article dont forget to not repost your home stream post. Also write a few words in every post even if it is a link to a very good article.

7. Every post that do not have a at least few words in description about it will be removed.
8. When you post try to find right category for each one there will be description about what which category is for.
Try to read about categories post in Announcement category there it will be explained which category is for which sort of posts. So read that post them before posting your own posts.

9. Everything posted in spamcatch category called "Announcements reserved for moderators" will be removed and user removed and probably banned from community.

10. Also do not post posts not related to Debian but Ubuntu which mention Debian just aside. Things are done quite differently now in this operating systems.

11. Shares involving invites to other communities, which are not Debian related or any sane Linux community related will be deleted.

12. Shameless self promotion of content unrelated to GNU/Debian Linux, or personal projects with GNU/Debian Linux that do not contribute to the community will be deleted as spam. Guides, problem-solving, requesting ideas or pretty much anything which is related to GNU/Debian Linux itself will be allowed.

13. When you write about bug about packages, please provide link to bugtracker and or
If your package is instead still on Git or github you can post that link to.

14. When you write about your own problems with Debian please include any needed informations like which version of Debian you use, obtainable thru command (lsb_release -a), which kernel you use (uname -a), list of your pci devices(lspci -vknn), list of your usb devices if problem is related to USB(lsusb) etc.

15. Though Debian is now distribution focused also on beginners, but not so new beginners and system administrators, savvy users, please be considerate to the new users who may not understand a joke, so dont write things like "rm -rf --no-preserve-root" or "shred /dev/sda" or "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda" etc, except if user asked for such command
"Always write do not do this at home if you dont know what you are doing" to consider new users and to ensure the safety of new users.
If you do not follow this rule you may get banned or kicked out of community even if you a long term knowledgeable admin.

16. Posts involving system administration and easing of doing of the same with ansible or vagrant or jenkins or puppet will be accepted and are actually wanted. We want more techsavy system admins out there and in here. Also posts about Xen, Qemu, Proxmox and such virtualization and emulation software will be accepted as long as they do mention Debian GNU/Linux in it and are not a promotion of CentOS or RHEL or SLES.

17. Links to other ISO images and builds built upon Debian GNU/Linux as a base will be accepted as long as they are derived from Debian GNU/Linux or debootstraped and are not from Mint or Ubuntu zone.
So please share your custom built Debian images or even vagrant and/or VM images.

18. Do not paste program output and config files inline into posts or comments, all posts and comments with this mess will be deleted.
Use pastebinit tool on debian you can simply install it with command:
apt install pastebinit
and then just run your desired command and pipe it into pastebinit.
Like:  example is lspci -vknn

lspci -vknn | pastebinit -b

This is debian community so usage of Debian pastebin is recommended you can use other too, but if you use Debian its logical to use Debian pastebin.

19. For those really bad posts I will introduce "Wall of shame" category which will contain some of the examples what you shouldn't post. and the way you shouldn't post.

20. There are links in about Debian section which will lead to the Debian websites, forums and Debian IRC channels.
 Also there will be link about Debian Social contract and about some General informations about Debian.

21. There will now created new category for Debian related security news and CVE's.

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I said something was coming, well now it's here:
Good Life Linux is a Devuan based and very lightweight Lxde distribution with only the minimum amount of needed apps by default.
Pulling only from the Devuan repos, this respin will be good for as long as Devuan is good. It's available in 64bit and 32bit, and if you have one of the awkward Broadcom wi-fi chips it will probably work just fine with Good Life!
Get it here: l

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Buenas noches y gracias de antemano...
Intente instalar una impresora Canon Pixma G2100 en Debian stretch Gnome 2.22. a través de CUPS 2.2.1; el sistema reconoce la impresora pero cups no muestra el driver para mi modelo, es más, para ningún modelo de la clase G de canon; lei que se podía agregar manualmente el "ppd file"; para instalarla en cups y encontré uno para el modelo G3000 el cual solo me permitió imprimir la pagina de auto-prueba. Posterior mente descargue la version del driver G2000 (Oficial para mi modelo) para Mac OS en formato .dmg y al desempaquetarlo logre dar con el archivo ppd pero que al ingresarlo a cups me da errores, quisiera saber que lineas de código modificar para hacerlo funcionar.
Adjunto el ppd G3000 y el G2000

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⏯ Watch the video directly on

"What is the Kernel?" This is probably one of the most puzzling questions when discovering Linux.

And indeed, understanding HOW the Kernel works is a huge and complex topic. But understanding WHAT it is isn't that difficult.

Not only, in this video, I explain with simple words what is the kernel. But I took that occasion to introduce few other terms you will hear a lot in conversations about Linux.

After having watched this video, you will no longer believe a kernel is that hard thing inside a fruit. And you will no longer be afraid of dæmons.

#Kernel #Daemon #Process #Linux

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Learn of Basic Scripting On Linux.

increasing yor skill of linux

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