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Which way to build suspense to you believe is the most effective? Which is the least effective?

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Between learning magic, mercenary missions, and meddling tricksters, Eric has his hands full! #IAN1 #CR4U 

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The Swordfish Islands ( is a system neutral setting for table top RPGs. It's a hex crawl, high fantasy, tropical island, sandbox/toolbox (dude look at all those buzzwords!).

There are two books. The one for players can be used in game at the table because it's been written as if it were an in world object. It contains multiple pieces of short fiction and I'm showing it off here because we tried to make sure it could stand alone and be an enjoyable read all on its own. It's called the Field Guide to Hot Springs Island, and weighs in at 240 8.5" x 5.5" pages. You can check out a 30 page sample of it here (

If you're into table top gaming, the book for game masters is called The Dark of Hot Springs Island. It's 190 8.5" x 11" pages. You can check out a 20 page sample of that one here (

The project overall is called the Swordfish Islands because we hope to one day do multiple islands. At this moment though, we've completed one: Hot Springs Island. The goal was to make a location that was ultra dense, so even though it's a single island, there are:

* 75 locations
* 26 maps
* 7 factions
* 300 problematic treasures
* 87 detailed NPCs
* a bunch of plants, monsters and more

The place is primal. Elemental. Most of what's going on on the island ties into the eternal battle between fire and water, and a tribe of ogres who got embroiled in the mix. There're also 3 tribes of lizardmen (mostly visitors from other islands) and ruins from two previous civilizations to explore.

Every faction is in a spot that could use help of some kind from adventurers. Since this is a sandbox, there is no adventure path around the island. Rather the adventure emerges from the way your players bump into the conflicting goals and desires of the various NPCs. We all know that players break everything they touch, and Hot Springs Island was made to make the most of that behavior and provide plenty of interesting consequences for every decision they make.

From a Kickstarter perspective, the thing that separates this project from many other RPG related projects is that we're effectively DONE. We could put it on a POD service right now. The whole reason we're coming to Kickstarter is that we'd like a few more illustrations, professional editing, and a fancy pants print run (with foil stamping and ribbon book marks and smyth sewn bindings, and archival paper, and all that exciting stuff).

I do hope you'll check it out!

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Read an excerpt from my novel, The Fall of Lilith, and adult fantasy with dark elements about angels.

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Ho do you use foreshadowing in your own writing?

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Chapter three of Garden Feud is now available on Wattpad!
#fairytale #fantasy 

Journey to Chaos update: Today I finished the first draft version of ch 10 for book 5, "The Highest Power". Also, I'm getting feedback on the cover illustration for "Transcending Limitations".

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Hello, folks.

I've been studying the craft of writing for fourteen years. Though I have no current interest in seeking publication due to other commitments, I am always working to improve my writing through reading, discussion of the craft, and practice. Most of my writing these days revolves around science and research reporting to medical/nursing journals, but when I write fiction, it tends toward the fantasy genre, often with grimdark leanings. I look forward to getting to know the community and to learning from it. 
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