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Gender: male
Pokemon: crowbat, lucario, blaziken, alakazam
Pokemon levels: crowbat(56), lucario(51), blaziken(60), alakazam(54)
Pokemon moves:crowbat fly: air slash:poison fang: cross poison
Lucario:aura sphere:close combat: extreme speed: bullet punch
Blaziken: flamethrower: blaze kick: flame wheel: Fire punch
Alakazam: psychic: zen headbutt: drain punch: ice punch
Bio: Alex got his first pokemon torching when he caught it I the wild him and his torching went through regions together and after a while Alex got a blaziken. Alex wasn't aiming for being champion he just want to be the trainer he could but he changed his dream and is aim for the top.
Home: was pallet but is traveling every region
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Name: Kaito
Age: 16
Gender: male
Pokemon: ((mega)) Blastoise Lv. 55. Machamp Lv. 52. Dragonite Lv. 55. Absol Lv. 48. Fennekin Lv. 5.
Pokemon moves: Blastoise: Ice beam, scald, aura sphere, dark pulse
Machamp: Dynamic punch, cross chop, low sweep, bulk up
Dragonite: draco meteor, dragon dance, earthquake, hurricane
Absol: slash, night slash, foul play, return
Fennekin: ember, scratch, growl
Hometown: cerulean city
Bio: went around training and growing up in Kanto and went to Kalos for a short time

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Pokemon: slicer
Pokemon levels: 5
Pokemon moves:amber tackle and growl
Home: gentaregon
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