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Dear Students
And it was to that day I found out that Tyrant was lying to me, to get it's revenge. I soon left the "school" to train to become stronger. Tatsumi never was my teacher he was just an illusion. But I now know the truth of the Master of Incursio Tatsumi. Will I become a hero like him or die.

Red Cresent 

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Hi I'm new here they call me Dark Knight

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Smiles and waves goodbye Bye guys I'm leaving.
Crowd: Leaving?!
Me: It's OK guys I'm going to go train at Imperial Fists Dojo
Mackenzie: looks down
Me: hugs Mackenzie I guess that means we're over, huh?
Mackenzie: looks away
+Awesome Blaziken​: Yo Ben, help me with the rest of your boxes
Me: Helps out
+Maybell Night​: Here, I made this for you. Hands me a shirt
Senpai: I helped
Me: Tries not to cry Man I'm going to miss you all.
+Awesome Blaziken​: You'll visit, right?
Me: punches +Awesome Blaziken​ in the shoulder of course
Wagon rolls up
Me: That's me guys. I have to leave
Mackenzie: Drabs my shirt

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Is there any sadistic, badass, and not weird people hear to join my squad 

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Weapon Hi no Akuma spear
What I really look like first pic and what my spear can shapeshift me Into second pic

Coach: Come on Herrera!! All the way to the line, drag that truck tire all the way to the line!!!

Me in other body: huffing and panting as I drag the tire to the line with the harness attached to me running. (thoughts :This is gonna be a long Summer.)
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Name :Captian Jace madson
Gender Male
Age 16
Zodiac/Behavior:scorpios? Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
Likes Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
Dislikes , revealing secrets,gossip
Hobby: breathing fire,lighting my worst teachers' hair
Tiegu Shamshir
Best friend Benito and rad, and my first mate carabun(later in rp)
Rival none yet
Fav. Teacher: Mrs.Esdeath
Relationship Stat. none
Appearance (picture)
I take care of my fathers ship
the Lore Widow, thats why im a captian

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in some rp i own and mod i have a portal to other rp well this is the main portal to most of the rps in google plus
this isgoing to help allitle

Walks into home room Hi Mr. Tarsumi
Tatsumi: Is something wrong Rad?
Me: No
Tatsumi: Rips off Bandages and sees my face You merged with Tyrant huh
Me: Yes, I guess I wasn't strong enough.
Tatsumi: No you were
Me: Huh
Tatsumi: With all the power of Incursio. The user either dies, or merges and becomes stronger
Me: Really

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Sits on my bed and looks down at Incursio What are you trying to do to me. Right eye begins to manifest into a tyrant eye I'm getting the same feeling like last time when I fought with META. Whats going to happen to me. Tyrant begins to overwhelm me Ugh, what's happening to me Merges with Tyrant and half my face transforms

Knock, Knock

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