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Name: Bul
Gender: Female
Age: 13 (Equivalent)
Pokémon: Houndour
Personality: Bul is a curious Pokemon by nature, with a knack for planning and good attention to detail. However, she is prone to holding a grudge, and very bad at seeing both sides of any argument.
Likes: Puzzles, mysteries, adventures
Dislikes: Stubborn people (yes, she is a hypocrite), being cooped up, being told what to do

Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Open
Mom/Dad: Tela (Houndoom, whereabouts unknown)/Geil (Arcanine, whereabouts unknown)
Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None known
Young: None

Bio: Bul was raised on stories of the adventures of ancient Pokemon. She'd always dreamed of going on to have such grand adventures herself, but her parents worried that the world was too dangerous for her, and forced her to stay close. One day, fed up with this, Bul ran away. She managed to find her way through the wilderness, and got along well enough. But now, with war upon her, who knows how she will fare on her own?

Home: Forest, near some ruins
Occupation: Explorer (unofficial)
Side: (Originals/Improved/Reunited) (I'm not sure what these are? She's non-shiny.)

《BATTLE INFO》(Must Be Legal)
{ Leer
{ Ember
{ Howl
{ Smog
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 8
Type: Dark/Fire
Nature: Brave

Best Personality Trait: Good problem-solver
Worst Personality Trait: Bad at working with others
Favourite Place: Caves and Ruins
Favourite Food: Basically any meat
Hopes/Dreams: Wants to be a legendary hero
Random Fact(s) Of Interest: Missing a band on her right hind foot
Themes: "Prove It" by Blixemi
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I'm still allowed here right?

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Hi I'm cc the eeveeloution disaster I'm half shiny half normal yeah my attacks are unknown but main attack is my keyblade oblivion I was created by team rocket like mewtwo so thats it

hey guys :)

Name: Guy
Gender: male
Age: 20
Pokémon: hoopa
Personality: random
Likes: donuts
Dislikes: haters

Relationship Status: Dating
Mom/Dad: Mom
Siblings: sister
Other Relatives: grandma

Bio: There was a young child once named guy ._. And he lived with his mom and sister in a house on city street he didnt act like a typical man considering he lived in a feminine household but one day he left his house to explore new things only to find that he had no money and he was lost but he found hoopa traveling through rings their relationship started there then hoopa wanted to be in ownership of guy so he went in a pokeball and they went on new adventures everyday

Home: Philidalphia
Occupation: None

{ Shadow force
{ (hyperspace fury)
{ Recover
{ Protect
Ability: Limber
Level: 94
Type: Psychic
Nature: Timid

Um I'm both shiny and none shiny

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