2. Customer Feedbacks and Retentions are some of what keeps the organizations’ going. Visit any tourism company of your choice and answer the following questions:

• How does the organization obtain customer feedback?
• If the feedback comes in the form of a phone call, who takes the phone call initially?
• Does the call get transferred to the proper department?
• If the complaint is about poor service, who handles it?
• How is feedback given to the people responsible for the poor service?
• Are managers trained in how to give negative feedback to their staff?
• Who is responsible for evaluating customer feedback?
• Does customer feedback result in changes?
• If so, are the changes brought to the customer's attention?
• How long does it take for feedback to be processed?
• Are there any examples of a customer complaint that changed the way things are being done? If yes, explain further.
i am a student and i don't understand Customer Feedbacks..i need help there.

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Hallo. Having grown up in Namibia, emigrated to South Africa and often visiting family in Namibia I decided to build this website/directory for accommodation and fun facts about Namibia.
I have met several friends and people saying/believing things about Namibia which is not true example that the entire country is desert or that accommodation is not affordable or that there is not much going on etc. Knowing how ridiculously expensive it is for guesthouses to advertise I decided build this website to overcome these challenges. I hope you like it and please share any other challenges that you had when visiting Namibia on our FB page, Google+ page or e-mail to info@namibia-adventure.com.
1. Calendar of local things happening ex MTB, horse endurance rides, festivals, shooting competitions etc http://www.namibia-adventure.com/namcalendar.html
2. The website – www.namibia-adventure.com
3. Flickr page of animals that can be found in Namibia - https://www.flickr.com/photos/namibia-adventure/
4. Click on the purple “Compare Accommodation” for prices in the area http://www.namibia-adventure.com/windhoek.html

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On tour - 4x4 drive and camping at Brandberg White Lady Lodge Damaraland Namibia. Tranquility and peace describes this tour. Contact us for self-drive or guided tours traveldesk@namibiaselfdrive.com
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“The landscape is Namibia’s defining natural asset. People use all sorts of words to describe it: vast, endless, magnificent, and unimaginable, among others.”

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Find out why this country of timeless deserts, thorn bush savanna, desolate wind ravaged coastlines, majestic canyons, and sun-baked saltpans is considered such a treat by experienced adventure travelers..

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Chobe Namibia http://bit.ly/ChobeZ28
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Spitzkoppe #traveling  to #Namibia  on your way to the #coast  http://bit.ly/ErongoZ11

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