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1) You may not be a demon, angel, dragon kind, etc. You must be a human, no matter what.

2) Your abilities must develop over time. For example, have 1 usable auto ability and 1 usable manual ability, and keep the rest locked till your character develops via rps.

3) Be respectful to everyone.

4) You can choose almost any weapon or ability, as long as it doesn't make you OP.

5) Major RPs held by me will only allow for those who signed up beforehand.

Subject To Change

i had an idea +Ulises Busquet  some spirits can be tamed that are only animistic with a extra power form and are useless to power the sun

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What's important isn't whether you can see the future or not. It's the will to make a choice, and the strength to seize your destiny! Our time has come. OUR DESTINY IS OUR OWN!




«Back Story»
In his early days, Shulk never new anything about his family, not even his last name. From when he can remember he always lived in an orphanage, moving around always, being relocated many times a year. This never stopped. Finally when he was around the age of 16 he ran away from the Orphanage, seeing that it was useless and he always came back to it. He traveled the world for a while, not knowing what else to do. Finally he found a cave, this cave was very old, it had ancient writing all over the wall. At the end of the cave of a Sword, this sword look weirdly futuristic and nothing like anything from the ancient times. Shulk would grab this sword, instantly he would see a future sighting, it would be of the fake sun,Apollo, going out and the world being thrown back into darkness, he would also learn the name of this ancient blade: The Monado. After this event, Shulk would become a Hunter and would start to hunt for spirits to fuel Apollo

The Monado

<Auto> Only one Auto ability
Vision: When an enemy is going to use an attack that could heavily damage or defeat an ally or Shulk himself, he will be able to see that attack happen thanks to the Monado. (The more powerful Shulk gets, the longer and more into the future these Visions will be)
<Manual> Monado Arts (More Monado Arts will be added as Shulk's character advances in the ways of the Monado)
Monado Purge: Once activated, it allows Shulk to, when he slashes from afar, can fire a beam the same length as the slash that is performed. His blade will also glow a faint Green

Shulk's family is unknown, seeing that he was raised in an orphanage, unknowing to his family, even his last name is unknown to him

(And it looks Likes I've made the First Profile, Yay me)
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«Name» Kayn Surefire



«Back Story» she was born into a family of one. Her mother. Her mother had an affair but, he wanted nothing to do her or her child. Her mother was an artist. Kayn was not. Kayn loved to destroy things. Sometimes even her mothers work. Her mother was usually happy though and kind and forgave her. Her mother was killed by someone no one would've guessed. Kayn's father. Not even he knows why he did it. He just did. But, now he's dead thanks to her rifle that her mother decorated. Now all she does is hunt for a living unless givin and assassination job.

«Weapon»rifle ((pic 2))

<Auto> never misses a shot (?)
<Manual> her gun gains a magical ability. It powers up for one shot and this shot is like a powerful cannon

«Family» Mother: Ginan Surefire deceased
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"i don't like to chat about my past but i'll tell you a bit just this once where to start oh i know i was raised by wolves yeah i was abandoned at birth when i was 7 i was discovered by some kind people who are no longer with us on this world sheds some tears but they raised me good taught me to only fight for what's right to never mistrust the instincts i have i became a hunter so that i could keep the sun shining and keep everyone who live in ignorance of what is needed don't have to face eternal darkness"
mage shot: as it's exposed to elemental energy it can shoot various different shots
current elemental energies obtained
> fire: flamethrower
>lightning: a target shot and a tracking bolt of lightning
>ice: high speed ice needles
>lead: it's a regular bullet fired semi-automatically
Copycat: enables him to temporarily copy an ability he sees used the ability copied ability is slightly weaker that the one he saw used
spirit hunter: become invulnerable to any attacks from a spirit for a short time but become immobile for a bit when it wears off
birth parents: unknown presumed dead
adoptive family: dead
pack: whereabouts unknown
«additional info»
the eyepatch is a night vision and infrared lense
his right eye can see further than his left
he still retains some beastial instincts
can go feral if pushed too far
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Note: Every Spirit mainly use their human form in all situations, but when threatened will revert to Soul Form.

Major Spirits: They are very scarce but contain the most spirit energy above all other spirits.
#1: Phoenix
A bird of eternal flames that will never extinguish. It has a special ability that resurrects them with full HP if defeated by a physical or status move and a powerful counter to magical attacks.

#2: Sea Serpent
A large creature living in deep waters that could destroy an armada in a single wave. With tough scales, it is strong against physical attacks, but lightning and ice are able to make it through.

#3: Pegasus
A winged horse who rules the skies. It has incredible speed to make up for its low defenses, so try to slow it down some before attacking or you'll be left open for a counterattack.

#4: Dragon
A beast that spews powerful flames, living mainly in a hot climate. It is vulnerable to ice, though you'll have to increase its power due to the heat of the area.

#5: Thunderbird
A bird who controls lighting and is in fact made of it. It has many defenses and its attacks can easily kill you, so it is best to equip yourself in expensive diamond armor.

#6: Amarok
A legendary wolf said to be deep within arctic. It's hide renders fire and ice attacks useless, and its fangs and claws can penetrate almost all armor and weapons. It is best to use ranged attacks when confronting it, though keep alert as it can disappear in the blizzard it lives in in an instant.

#7: Siren
A creature whose voice can cause unbearable pain. It is almost impossible to get close to it due to its location, and even if you get close enough it will fight ferociously. Best to find a way to knock out that voice first.

#8: Saytr
A creature who lives deep in the forest. Nature is its weapon, allowing it to call upon many animals and monsters to help defend it. It also uses a flute to manipulate the forest.

#9: Cerberus
A three headed dog who attacks mercilessly. It has great power and speed, being able to kill someone in a single blow. However, it is weak to ice.

#10: Unicorn
A majestic and beautiful horse with a horn. It isn't hostile at all, making it vulnerable to all kinds of attackers. Due to this, it has hidden somewhere deep within the forest, possibly deep within dangerous territory that even a whole team of hunters would never endure.

#11: Ragnarok
An spirit said to have both light and dark powers. It is unknown whether it even exists, and it's might is too much for even a whole army of hunters.

#12: Dragon Spirit
A spirit resembling a legendary dragon of the past. It is immune to all attacks till exposed to a light attack, and can use all the powers of a regular dragon but with twice the power. There are barely any left.

Lesser Spirits: Spirits that has moderate or low spirit energy. There are many of them, and it wouldn't be a surprise to find one as possibly your lover or friend, as they can be out in public without much worry due to their near uselessness in powering Apollo.
#1: Reaper
A scythe wielding spirit immune to all attacks till exposed to a light attack.

#2: Angel
A heavenly spirit capable of dealing light damage to all who have dark equipment and can raise allies with a «Resurrect» spell.

#3: Faerie
A creature that relies on magical attacks. They are the most common and often live in society secretly. They are the offspring of humans and angels.

#4: Demon
A demonic creature with highly damaging attacks and spells such as «Darkness».

#5: Salamander
A spirit that manipulates fire to attack.

#6: Nymph
A beautiful nature spirit that is an expert in healing.

#7: Hellhound
A demonic dog the size of a man. It's fangs have quite the considerable power.

#8: Paladin
A spirit that excels in light magic and sword fighting. It has high attack and defense and can heal with «Heal».

#9: Dark Knight
A spirit that excels in dark magic and sword fighting. It can use «Dark Blade» to cause massive damage with the use of some HP.

#10: Diaworm
A giant spirit that lives in diamond filled caves. It can easily cause cave ins and make giant caverns.

#11: Vampire
A spirit that is said to drain the life of humans. They can easily submit a human due to their enchanting looks.

#12: Undine
A beautiful water spirit that, like the nymph, are experts in healing, but are more located near bodies of water.

#13: Wyvern
A lesser dragon that can due much damage even without fire.

Profile Template:



«Back Story» (must be at least one paragraph long and descriptive)


<Auto> (abilities that activate immediately when certain conditions are met, such as «Counter»)
<Manual> (abilities that you activate during battle, such as magic and arts)


Would anyone like to roleplay with me, I will be using my Character Shulk?
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