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Stop silencing your inner voice and listen to what it's trying to might be suprised. Vocation is a powerful tool in the pursuit of destiny, try it out!

Cold calling can be tedious, but by using 'warm' techniques, you can increase your potential and avoid hypothermia. Enjoy marketeers! (Oh... and thanks again for being awesome!).

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If you want to feel instantly empowered, and walk away with a plan of action , you should check this post out by +Jessica Sweet 

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Post has attachment In the spirit of wellness, I decided to look into BDD which is a serious condition that leads to a faulty self image, sometimes viewing a reflection in a distorted way and leading sufferers to believe compliments are lies or simply not true. BDD is rare but severe and often leads to suicide attempts. This article may not solve the problem, but it may clear up some reasons for social characteristics of the distortion. We are all beautiful!!! <3

Hi to all and also +james gooch Sorry I havent inputted as much here as I would like to, I am sure I will be around sharing some things with you soon. Its a pleasure to know James and be apart of his circles as well as have him In my circle and my creative group. I hope I can learn some new things here also. All the best 


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Was not going to post anymore this week...
But found this "timely" given our current situations.
Not going to say much except......

Check out my post, "Learn and Adapt, or be Miserable: Learn and Adapt To Create Change"

Hope You Enjoy!

I have aligned with a great community on Google is private however, so if you want in, just let me know and I will get you an invite.....
How is everyone doing lately?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead
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