I knew it couldn't be helped but, I HAD TO, there was just no choice, still I'd sooner die than watch the flames devour. I guess, that just more will be added to the lands of the forgotten. Was there ever any true choice in this. They die or are never heard, soon it'll just be us left, those who know.

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Name: Rosemary Fae

Gender: Female

Age: 14,034

Species: Snake Hybrid

Occupation: Witch

Region: Opal

Personality: Quiet, Sly, Quick

Likes: Storms, Windchimes, Nighttime

Dislikes: Sunlight, Urban Landscapes, Crickets

Bio: An witch that lives in the outback-like region of Opal. She spends most of her time during the day inside, Cooking or Brewing potions. During the Nighttime, she goes outside to collect things for her hobbies or concur with other creatures in the region.

Name: Ensis
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Human
Powers (Human)
Intuition - Ensis has an Abnormal intuition, which allows him to basically predict the very near future. (One or two Seconds ahead of time.)
Null Sword - A blade which obliterate anything a millimetre away from it, other than it's sheath or hilt. (This includes Spirits, Magic, Fire, Heat, Lightning, Spatial Rifts, Gods and Titans.) It's hilt is 8 cm wide and the blade itself is 4 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick.
Dagger - A dagger the length of your wrist to your elbow
Height: 165cm
Region The Forgotten Lands.
Description of appearance: Wears a black tunic, and pants, wears a white cloak. His undershirt is white,  His sword is gold and black, which he carries on his left hip. His dagger is a silver purple shade, which he carries at his hip level on his back.

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-Name: Hyeon Kim 
-Gender: female 
-Age: 15
-Species: forest elf 
-Powers/Weapons: bow and arrow's  
-Height: 5'6 
-Region you would live in: forgotten land

Her guys it's still me +Lost Dream

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wandering around Garnett district, looking at the different buildings with careful consideration

Watching as another building is burning down. Why does this region have such corrupt industries...? Why do we not just work for the minerals without savage actions?

We have many powerful regions. Betrayal is not an option. Seriously, don't betray your fellow barons.

In a small cavern filled with tanks of water, a few beds, a table and some chairs. The water will only last a few more days, guess I'll have to travel to one of the regions. Walks out of cavern with two of the empty water tanks on my back.

Name: nicolas
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: ????
Region: U.S
Weapons/ powers: ?????
Height: 7 foot 10 (looks 8,5)
Description: wears a green cloak, a metal mask, has a fox tail and fox ears, wears distressed jeans, very quiet unless talked to
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