I knew it couldn't be helped but, I HAD TO, there was just no choice, still I'd sooner die than watch the flames devour. I guess, that just more will be added to the lands of the forgotten. Was there ever any true choice in this. They die or are never heard, soon it'll just be us left, those who know.

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Name: Rosemary Fae

Gender: Female

Age: 14,034

Species: Snake Hybrid

Occupation: Witch

Region: Opal

Personality: Quiet, Sly, Quick

Likes: Storms, Windchimes, Nighttime

Dislikes: Sunlight, Urban Landscapes, Crickets

Bio: An witch that lives in the outback-like region of Opal. She spends most of her time during the day inside, Cooking or Brewing potions. During the Nighttime, she goes outside to collect things for her hobbies or concur with other creatures in the region.

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Region: Melanite Black Stone
{Quotes}"I'm not creepy, i'm just different.." "stop acting like idiots."  "They went into my room. No one should ever go into my room." "is this the part when i'm supposed to feel intimidated?"

{Name} Raven Holmes

{Alias/Nickname} Raven

{Age} 16


{Gender} Female

{Hair Color} Purple

{Eye Color} dark blue to purple

{Height} 5'4"

{Weight} 140 lb

{Occupation} a superhero for Jump City, is teamed up with the Teen Titans to keep the city safe.

{Appearance/Attire} a blue/ purple-ish cloak with a red stone as the button. wear a one piece like outfit with long sleeves and a belt with the same stones along with on the hands. blue or purple boots to match the cloak. a small red gem on for-head

{Sexual Orientation} straight

{Relationship Status} "none of your business"

{Physical Abilities} close combat, turning things into weapons that are around me when powers are of no use.

{Passive Abilities} dark magic of telekinesis and telepathy along with portal creating, flight, levitation, and healing

{Personality} dark and closed most of the time, keeping emotions to myself. sometimes, if in a good mood, i will open up a bit more and have a laugh or two.

{Likes} books, music, helping people

{Dislikes} annoyances, disturbances while meditating, traitors, people who hurt others, my father.

{Bio} I grew up in Azarath along with my brother, Danny. He doesn't have the same powers as i, but we are still family, the only family i have at the moment actually. we helped each other with our outbreaks of being like our father who left us when we were young (but we've heard the stories that i shall not tell a soul..), but we have done pretty well. we went our separate ways for a while, but we still keep in touch. i grew up with him, learning how to use my powers for good and control the outbreaks by meditation and control of emotions. without that, if i start to worry too much, destruction will happen around me. everything else, well, is up to you to find out.
((yes, this might be a Raven, but, this is my Raven, with my own quirks added to her, okay? but, really, i'm mostly Raven because, no other character that i've made has fit me more precise))
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Name: Ensis
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Human
Powers (Human)
Intuition - Ensis has an Abnormal intuition, which allows him to basically predict the very near future. (One or two Seconds ahead of time.)
Null Sword - A blade which obliterate anything a millimetre away from it, other than it's sheath or hilt. (This includes Spirits, Magic, Fire, Heat, Lightning, Spatial Rifts, Gods and Titans.) It's hilt is 8 cm wide and the blade itself is 4 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick.
Dagger - A dagger the length of your wrist to your elbow
Height: 165cm
Region The Forgotten Lands.
Description of appearance: Wears a black tunic, and pants, wears a white cloak. His undershirt is white,  His sword is gold and black, which he carries on his left hip. His dagger is a silver purple shade, which he carries at his hip level on his back.

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-Name: Hyeon Kim 
-Gender: female 
-Age: 15
-Species: forest elf 
-Powers/Weapons: bow and arrow's  
-Height: 5'6 
-Region you would live in: forgotten land

Her guys it's still me +Lost Dream​

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wandering around Garnett district, looking at the different buildings with careful consideration


Watching as another building is burning down. Why does this region have such corrupt industries...? Why do we not just work for the minerals without savage actions?

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A large plain, made of diamonds, the industry is what runs this region. The region run basically by the organizations of industry is war torn, the only safe place being the government buildings. If you live here expect to be poor and in refuge, or a warrior and/or soldier fighting with just barely enough to keep your own home.  The industries of this region are deadly, most use underhanded methods to destroy or cripple other industries, causing massive damage to the region itself. If you are part of the industries you live an illegal life under the law, weaving past any of the security or if you don't thrown in a prison or dead. All of the war and laws cause the diamonds here to nearly never move out and if they do, they are either on the black market or at an extremely high price.
The Baron in this region has just enough control to keep it a region with laws, with use of a non-government organization of his own. The government here, control the few living spaces and a tiny bit of the industry which can not be taken. The government uses it diamonds to trade with few of the other regions, to gain more security or stronger defences. The main region of trade would be the technological region (when it is made). 
Laws and Protocols will be in another post of this category

((This will be further added on to as time continues.))
(((Add anything that you believe should be added to this comment it in the comments.)))

Entry and Exit Protocols
Entry must through Government Building or Surrounding Government Outposts. All minerals unless brought by the government of another region will be confiscated and only given back when you leave, with luggage of the same amount you brought in. 

Minerals can only leave through a government authenticated vehicle and must go through a government outpost.  If another regions government, comes with minerals they must check in once at one of the outposts of this region, to enter or leave. Minerals once inside are illegal to handle if you are not of any government of a region.

Government Entry / Exit Protocols
Government Officials from other regions will have to go through Entry/Exit protocols, if government officials do not follow through on this, they will banished from this Region. The Baron themselves still have to go Entry / Exit Protocols, but they will not be banished if they do not, instead they will instead be put under constant surveillance.

**If you are found breaking any of these, you are sent to a court to be judged, you do not get any freedom of speech in court and if you do speak you will be instantly be either banished or executed. The court debates among itself what you punishment is. When banished, you can not be seen within this region if you are you shall be executed with out court interuption.**

((More will be added at a further date.))
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