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Maddening To A Mind So Frail
by Me
Obsidian Raven Shadow, ORS
Screaming at the top of your lungs...
Only to find, your voice is just numb
Numb to use apparently
No one can hear, No one can see
The Pain I am in
A reflection of my sin
But a reflection just the same
But no mere game
This game called life
Is where I dwell
Some would say Heaven
Some would say Hell
Hell is living many Lives
Lives with no control
No control of my existence
No matter of my resistance
Resistance is futile, if only in my mind
But real they are when you are trying to find...
Find a way out, of these distorted tales
Tales that are Maddening to a mind so frail

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Into A Living Hell
by Me
Obsidian Raven Shadow

Falling Down Into a Living Hell
Struggling to Keep Even a Place to Dwell
To Dwell In This Chaos and Riots Galore
Living This Hell Which is Unlike Before
The Tension Cuts and Often It Kills
Devouring Those Who Can't Handle What's Real
The Pain and Suffering Endured
Not Being Able to Be Understood
This Fragile Mind Feels It's Going to Break
Break Into Another State
State of Mind that Feels So Unkind
Cannot Adjust
When There Is No Trust
Trusting Has Led to Where the Suffering Began
Hard Shoulders to Cry On If You Even Can
Can't Understand
This Destructive World We're Living In
Knowing that Life has Come to an End
The End of All that was Beautiful and Right
Yet Instead Everyone Prefers to Fight
Fight for Nothing that is Real
Fight for Nothing to Make Us Feel
Feel Safe and Secure But None of it is Real
The End is Coming and I'm Scared of What I Feel
And I Feel I'm Going Mad
Mad as a Hatter, Except Very Sad
Sad to Live In This Horrendous Hell
Never Knowing Where I'll Dwell
Hell In the Mind
Is Just as Unkind
Can't Escape this Hell We're In
So I Guess This Could Be the End
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