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School chaplains working under the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) are barred from religious proselytizing. Yet it seems some religious providers of chaplains in schools are claiming tax deductibility for furthering religious instruction in government schools. What are your thoughts?

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Here is another breach of the 'no religious proselytizing' rule by chaplains, this time in NSW. The schools chaplaincy program has just received another quarter billion dollars in funds from the Federal Government. Is it asleep at the wheel or is it its intention to sneak in religious proselytizing under the guise of student support?

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Are psychedelic experiences evidence of the supernatural? I’d have to go with no and that’s no matter how many trashy lobster psychologists assert otherwise.

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Oh, such delicious buffoonery!

"Turkish Islamic scholars say men without beards may cause indecent thoughts. They say that men without beards sometimes can not be distinguished from women."

Hey, is this why boy-sex-slaves are a thing in Afghanistan?

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The provision of Humanist pastoral care is spreading steadily throughout Europe. This success is great encouragement for the Humanist Society of Victoria's own secular pastoral care program in Australia.

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Have you ever wanted to talk on topics related to either civil or human rights (including secularism) but felt like your voice would be lost in a sea of content?

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U.K. Commission on Religious Education review proposes school course on 'Religion and Worldviews' that includes major religions and 'humanism, secularism, atheism and agnosticism'. Much like our Victorian 'World Views' curriculum!

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Our good humanist friend, Dr. Leo Igwe, has a lot to say about his lack of religious belief and how it impacts his life and relationships in this article.
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