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Darkmatter2525 is one of the best in my opinion. 
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Ayden Koyanagi.

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Even though were athiests this is kinda screwed up. What do yall think?
"Religious freedom is our right!1!1!1!!"
"Muslims are so disrespectful this is a time for sport!1!1!1!"
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There is nothing such as right, open your eyes. It's just a simple privilege that is not given to the Muslim guy. Even though I think this pic is just made up. 
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malika maam

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Religion, Patriotism, Ideologies...are consuming us everyday and the consequences are greatly damaging to us and to our whole planet!
This is a scream of resumption, of pain, a wake up call from somebody who doesn't have much power to help...
Your atheist sister from Morocco!
with love!
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+kjsippel Morocco is hopefully not applying sharia laws but there are some laws that are islamically inspired: such as:
marriage: you can't marry four wives but a woman cannot marry someone who is not muslim (we don't have civil marriage/union) and a man cannot marry an atheist for instance but can marry jewish, christian women.
homosexuality: punishable by 6 months prison if caught in the act! 
criticizing religion: is also punishable by prison... if you are an atheist, you have no right to criticize islam. You should keep silent!
Also, it is against the law to proselytize any religion or non religion outside of islam!

Morocco compared to other neighboring countries is much better but still, there are many problems in terms of freedom of expression and belief...
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Nicholas Carvalho

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
Still not the worst thing that could have happened to him
Kevin Carter alleged to have pointed musket at eight-year-old after he said he would support New York Giants’ rivals
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Finally a good reason to pull a gun, lol.   Sorry that was just to easy.
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Scientology movie prompts a heated argument. Annoying background music at beginning of video doesn't last long.
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+HotshotGTar​ There is never too much humor. XD
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Ring Man [DWN: 29]

» Discussion  - 
What are some good questions to ask theists? 
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Hasse Mephisto

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Vote For Your Atheist Candidate!?
For the USA citizens and Atheists here. Next year are the Presidential elections.
If a Presidential candidate would come forward who said boldly and outloud all over the media he/she is an Atheist, would you vote for him/her, even if you do not agree with many of his/her political views?

For this poll I have seperated between USA citizens and none USA citizen as to not polute the result with none-citizens.

I'll not poll for agreeing with the candidate, as I will assume in such a case you will vote for the candidate already. So this option and others I have not thought of will go under the option other.


The point of this poll is to find out if you are willing to forgo personal political views in favor for an Atheist candidate making it on the throne.
83 votes  -  votes visible to Public
None USA: Disagree, Will vote candidate.
Not USA: Disagree, Not vote candidate.
USA: Disagree, Will vote for candidate.
USA: Disagree, Not vote for candidate.
Other,... explain below
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I will not vote for anyone who is not the best candidate for the job and anyone who does gets none of my respect.  It's like people who voted for Obama in 2008 just because he was black.  Those are real idiot voters.
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He, pat condell, does not approve of Islam in Europe...
Especially when Muslim men break the law...
Warning, vitriolic!
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+Frederic Petit Did he talk about deporting anyone? Where was that? Can you give me the offset in the video? I do remember him saying certain countries had strict immigration policies (e.g. Australia). Is Australia evil?
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Great Canniadian YouTuber +Matthew Santoro​ gives very interesting misconapstion about religion and atheism in this 6 minute video
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Wow, that guy has over 4 million subs....
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Has anyone ever encountered Christian Revisionists that claim America was founded as a Christian nation? I've never wasted more time in my life trying to convince them otherwise, I actually have that much of a headache I need aspirin and masturbation to ease my stress. 
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+Rick Sullivan Let's now call them that. It's insulting the wrong group.
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I am common sense Atheist and I think that our community needs that
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Christians often refer to a point when they first felt God's grace and love in their heart.  It is clearly evident that a genuine emotional event is experienced from an outsider's perspective. With regards to the presence of God's grace in you life: 
54 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Is it there because you believe in it?
Do you believe in it because it's there?
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+David Crawford At the moment no, but if I were in the proverbial fox hole, and if the stress load from that would incapacitate me, believing that a powerful purposeful being 's "got my back" might be a difference maker and thus keep me functional.
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Ari Ramani

» Discussion  - 
Vatican Fury as Top Priest comes Out on Eve of Bishops Meet. Talk about bursting the bubble!

Further proving why there's lesser moral in running the system of religion (organized policy makers)

Shared from Google News & Weather
The Vatican reacted furiously on Saturday after a Polish priest employed as a senior official publicly declared his homosexuality on the eve of a bishops' synod set to touch on the divisive issue of the Catholic Church's relationship to gay believers.
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+inner locus I think the Vatican is scared of homosexuals because it is full of closeted gays and pedophiles (of both orientations).
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Steve Boyd

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that not all Muslims are terrorists and warmly recalled the day he once met a young Muslim.
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Hasse Mephisto

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
Ha what happens when you tell something that is in the bible to christians whom like to deny it?

You get locked out of the topic so you can not respond anymore.

My first post below that OP was me telling them:
To bad they are going to hell for having tattoos.

Ofcourse that was not liked and I got told so that was OT, not NT and that these guys could have gotten their tattoos prior being saved.

Excuses, excuses.

So I responded:
Does not matter when they got it. It is still not allowed. And it also does not matter if it is from the old testament.
Jesus himself said that the old testament is still fully valid.

Matthew 5:17
17“Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. 18“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

And now I am locked out of the topic.

It figures, the truth hurts, and the BEST way to keep the delusions is by denying reality of scripture, sticking your fingers in your ears and go "la la la la la la" and not debate someone who is pointing out the PHAIL in scriptures.

I was not even using bad words, only the bible.
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I notice the disagreement between two Atheists - one of them is wrong (I won't say who). Two people cannot hold parallel views and be right at the same time. And no matter how one is determined to defend his point on what he sees on the picture, no matter how many words he uses, if he is wrong, he is simply wrong! The only reason people find it hard to accept a basic truth is because they have developed a tendency to lie even to themselves! Here, the problem is not with the truth, the problem is with the one who finds it a burden to accept it!

If you agree with that, then this is what I intended to bring out: In Christianity, when one does not understand the bible well enough to live as Christ demands; that doesn't mean that the problem is with God's existence or with all the Christians on planet earth,,, but with those men!

Now, this is my point: whether an Atheist or a Christian, there is truth.., & truth stands... [whether you strive with it]

I am a Christian,
Greetings from Africa!
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James R. McCall (Arts & Digital)

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
New York Daily News: NJ priest arrested after 'pointing musket at 8-year-old boy'
A New Jersey priest has been arrested over claims he pointed a musket at an 8-year-old boy because of a football rivalry.
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Priest-"Free ticket to heaven!"

I guess they decided to change their image after all the molestation.
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Dean Osre

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
What I don't Like about #Religion was summed up by #ThePope when he met with the #Abuser #Criminal #KimDavis but not #TheVictims 
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Good article from Yahoo, How Kim Davis and her Lawyer Mat Staver got us (ME) to believe this happened by leaking this lie to the media.

The real story behind the pope’s meeting with Kim Davis
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Ian Marshall

» Discussion  - 
I of all people have given the Muslims a fair shake.  I have followed all the rules in their religion.  All of them.  Even the no music and everything else for about a year 7 years ago.  Then I did an in-depth reading of their holy book, and went on to do another in-depth reading of all the other holy books referenced in the Qur'an(Tanakh, Gospel).  Then I tried to live my life based on the literal translation of all those holy books like the Qur'an said.  I looked up their claims.  I investigated the history behind it.  And now I can say unequivocally that it is all nonsense and no one can accuse me of not being thorough. 
Leandro Silva's profile photoJilali Benkadour's profile photoSpace Venture's profile photo
+Ian Marshall Hilarious! you did in-depth reding of Islam you said? dude 1.5 billion people are a huge nation in which you can find all the categories that you expect or not expect: religious or irreligious people, educated or unschooled ones, straight ones, homosexuals, drag-addicts etc. If you think that every Muslim is supposed to fully follow the Quran or that being a Muslims means living like a monk or a nun in full accordance with the holy scriptures then next time you should not only re-do that in-depth reading you said you did but you should travel a little or at least watch some Muslim countries tv channels to know how average Muslims live .
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Steve Hardie

» In the News  - 
Islamic terrorism comes to Australia. This could have been anybody.
The actions of the 15-year-old gunman who shot dead a New South Wales police civilian employee were an act of terrorism, police say. The radicalised youth of Middle Eastern background has been named as Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad. He killed the police employee, Curtis Cheng, as he was leaving ...
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How many of these happened outside of Muslim countries of countries that are in active conflicts with Islamic insurgencies (Russia, China, Israel, etc?)

You can't count attached involving insurgents out civil wars and call it terrorism. Subtract those and you aren't left with many, and what is left is mostly lone gun men who are mentally unstable, not actual jihadists.

France faces a bigger threat from Basque separatists then Muslims. The UK faced larger problems with the IRA than Islamic terrorism, and without the hysteria they foment now. In the US, mass shootings far outnumber terrorism terrorism deaths annually and in Canada we have 2 "terrorist attacks" that are clearly motivated more by mental health issues than jihad.

Listen, I'm not saying that jihadists and terrorist attacks don't exist. But statistically speaking we are living in the safest era of human existence. Foreign terrorist attacks are exceedingly rare, and domestic attacks, whether they be abortion bombings, racially motivated attacks or mass shootings far out number Islamic terror attacks.

By claiming otherwise, you aren't looking at actual facts and are trying to present a reality that just doesn't exist.
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