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I seen this guy on TV jihad John mentor and I'm like Islam is bad why do they wanna have jihad ?he's calling on other Muslims to do jihad ! Do you think Islam can be fixed or is it a lost cause ! Where's the moderates like they say ?
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Minneapolis has a large muslim community. They were never so angry as to jihad, though some do.
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So I took a quiz...
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Christians think you don't need real friends
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Disloyal ojens. I like it too . Wehn they do ti. 
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Center for Inquiry

» In the News  - 
Statement on the Murder of Dr. Avijit Roy, Bangladeshi Ally and Friend
February 26, 2015

We at the Center for Inquiry are shocked and heartbroken by the brutal murder of our friend Dr. Avijit Roy in Bangladesh, it is speculated at the hands of Islamic militants. Dr. Roy was a true ally, a courageous and eloquent defender of reason, science, and free expression, in a country where those values have been under heavy attack.

RoyDr. Roy was the founder of the website Mukto-mona, an online network of freethinkers of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent, as well as the author of several books, and a contributor to our own magazine Free Inquiry and our Free Thinking blog. When seven Bangladeshi atheist bloggers were arrested in blasphemy in 2013, Dr. Roy worked closely with us to connect us with the bloggers and their families, focus the international community’s attention on the injustice, and help   organize and promote protests around the world.

According to news reports, Dr. Roy and his wife Rafida Ahmed Bonna, also a freethought writer, were attacked while leaving a book fair at Dhaka University by several unidentified assailants, who witnesses say “hacked at them mercilessly.” Both were brought to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where Dr. Roy died, and Bonna is being treated for her severe injuries. Dr. Roy has long been at the receiving end of death threats, been publicly accused of “defaming Islam,” and violence against him has been encouraged by Islamic militants.

The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.
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Killing atheists is becoming more common.
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Ryan Fickes

» Discussion  - 
Well, that's a really disappointing answer from Prudence on the topic. Let's reverse the roles and the mother is the atheist and the son wants to go to church. Would Prudence then say that he should have to write a two page report on why he believes? Somehow I doubt it.

She is absolutely right that as soon as the young man is out from under the thumb of his mother, he'll be free to disregard religious pressure.

Her advice that he spend Sunday mornings with his father instead of playing video games is solid, but unfortunately it's ruined by her insistence that it's up to the atheist to prove his disbelief.

I guess I was fortunate to have a skeptic (if not outright atheist) for a father and while my mother is spiritual, she's always been relatively fine with my lack of spirituality.
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When I was a child - admittedly that was quite a long time ago - I didn't even know the word 'atheist' existed. I just knew I didn't believe all that baloney I was hearing from the nuns. I'm glad no one asked me to explain it, however because I doubt I would have been able to put my feelings into words.

I hated going to church and I hated the nuns in catholic school. 

But I knew that my "job" as a child was to get an education so i just put up with all of it.

The first famous person who put my feelings into words was George Carlin. When I heard his comedy bit ("....Our Lady of Perpetual Motion...") I felt AT LAST that someone out there understood me.
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Craig Henderson

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
So the ISIS buffoons have extended their madness to burning books now. Rare books, too.

Proof that they respect nothing and nobody. 

Metro UK: Isis burns library containing ‘hundreds of years of history’
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They've also been destroying museums too, with priceless artifacts from 900b.c.

This sort of stuff makes me so angry! 
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IS jihadi's destroying Mosul museum (nineveh).
I can not confirm a date for when this actually happened nor what they are actually saying in this video. You'd always have to be careful for video's that are put on Liveleak as they are often propaganda like. I thought that this happened somewhere early last year already. So it might just be a re-upload, which is something you see often on LL. This upload is recent but It would make sence too this happened much earlier as IS has held Mosul for some time now.
Can any Arabian language speaker tell me what the guy in the beginning is saying?

But whenever this was... it is clear the black dressed ragheads from IS are destroying precious archeological structures and statues here.

Recently another news release by IS said too that if Mosul is attacked they would destroy the centuries old wall surround the historical sight.

Just one more proof, IMHO, these radical extreemly small brainless dickheads should be all eliminated most faul a.s.a.p.. Religion itself is something to be hated. But to also destroy precious history for no other reason then your own small penis ego, only shown to me they are worthless scum that does not deserve to walk on this earth.

But... we knew that already.

I seriously hope none of them will ever let themselves be caught alive. It's a much cheaper sollution to put a bullet in them, than to go to the trouble of a legal trial,... which would be the nice Geneva convention way of what should happen to these guys once caught.
F*ck Islamic State F*ck Iraqi Government & F*ck the Western World for doing nothing and F*ck Obama the Defender of Islam...
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If you can not respect your past culture... your current culture means nothing.
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Chris Vaxevanis

» Religious Buffoonery  - 
Even Christian boys would be creeped out from dating his daughter or anyone in that family!!! He is the stereotype sociopath neighbor you do not want to have!
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The eeewww factor on this is quite high! 
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New video completed. Four rebuttal arguments to common theistic arguments for the existence of God. Have a look.
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Afzal Khan

» Discussion  - 
“You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant,” England said.

Emotional blackmail is one of the most effective trap Religiosity offer after the prerequisite blind faith criterion.

With the help of Science though more essentially with the WILL to explore and research - it is conceivable to trace down the Origin of Life with plausible explanations rather than keep getting fooled by a mythical indoctrinated inherited divine written word (The God’s one).
A new theory could answer the question of how life began – and throw out the need for God.
Afzal Khan's profile photoChris Anderson's profile photo
+Afzal Khan 
Thanks for the link. This is definitely an exciting prospect. It really holds the potential to shake up things in quite a few fields! 
*Not to mention get a few creationists' panties in a bunch

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of this theory
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• 57% of the conservative members, in American politics polled, would officially endorse Christianity as the national religion.

• A recent Pew poll I believe, roughly showed that about 3/4 of Muslims support Sharia Law as an official legal syatem worldwide.

Congratulations Abrahamic death cult followers(Yes you Christians. I'm talking to you......). You have just found semi-common ground......


57% of Republicans recently polled want to establish Christianity as the official national religion, according to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted between February 20th and February 22nd of Republican voters.  
Only 30% polled oppose making Christianity the national religion.


PDF of the survey from which I took this screencap:

"Public Policy Polling surveyed 316 Republican primary voters from February 20th to 22nd. The margin of error for
the survey is +/- 5.5%. This survey was conducted through automated telephone interviews and interviews over the internet to voters who don’t have landline phones."
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+Daniel Carelli I am as well, anime for life
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Am I the only one who thinks its a bit hypocritical to go to church, and worship the Christian god as part of Black History month?
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» Videos  - 
Islamists hold views that are clearly anti-gay rights, anti-women's rights, anti-religious freedoms, anti-science and anti-multicultural.  

So it's lunacy that an ideology that's FAR more conservative than anything which exists in the secular west is CONSTANTLY being protected by some progressives in the secular west.  The double standards of some people are just unbelievable.
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+Merne Asplund "ukraine?  just stop.  you obviously don't know what you're talking about."

I think you're falling into Russian propaganda more than anything else!

Now Uganda would have been a better example (even though that's not the west). There are others too, but the reason I only mentioned the US, is the fact that that one really can impact the world more than other examples.
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» In the News  - 
57% Of Republicans Say Dismantle Constitution And Make Christianity National Religion

An astonishing 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution, and establish Christianity as the official national religion. Only 30 percent oppose making Christianity the national religion.

Although the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment clearly states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” GOP voters want to cast aside that provision and impose Christianity as the official American religion.
A PPP poll found that 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution and establish Christianity as the national religion
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Have to admit these numbers do not shock me. I have found this to be the true nature of our Puritanical legacy in this nation 
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Will Kinney

» In the News  - 
Just when you thought Abercrombie couldn't get any douchier. 

"if we allow this then someone will paint themselves green and call it a religion."
When Your Religion Makes You Too Uncool to Work at Abercrombie
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments about discrimination against job applicants who wear headscarves. But the case reveals something deeper about who's considered attractive in America.
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hhl 482
Does douchieness affect legal standing?
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» Discussion  - 
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He wouldn't be a good literary critic, would he?
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"I'm probably an atheist [...] I've interview the Billy Grahams and the heads of the Mormon Church. ... I don't buy it. I think the only reason for religion is death. If you didn't die, there would be no religion," said King.

I totally agree. Theists might claim that they love/worship god (in some sort of obviously man-made construct: "I love you; you save me"), but really it's all about a fear of death. Theists are cowards. They will try to believe any old nonsense rather than face the stone cold fact that life is for a limited time only. Get off your knees, you're an embarrassment. Grow up. Grow a pair. Stop pretending and live this, the only life you will ever have, to the full.

#antitheism #atheism  
Veteran radio and television broadcaster Larry King says he thinks the only reason religion exists is because people fear death and declared "I'm probably an atheist."
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Well good for Larry.

There are only two reasons for religion....death and money.

Religions make gazillions of money scamming people and praying on people's fear of death.
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Well here is one to prove that God did not create the world and everything
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Must be an atheist thing. My BM smell of lavender and sandalwood.
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Washington Post writer argues that it's 'difficult' to know if stoning women to death is wrong when the majority of a country's people are in favor of it.

I respectfully disagree with his analysis.
Tweet Despite the constant fearful outcries against the lurking horror of 'Islamophobia,' what I've come to notice recently is that Islam actually tends to be held to a vastly lower standard of behavior than every other reli...
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Like it's hard to argue that any kind of killing is wrong (hanging, electrocution, gassing, poison injection, firing squad) if the majority of a country's people are in favor of it.

I suppose one could argue that stoning someone for adultery is worst than giving a poison injection to the mentally handicapped ... if one wanted to nit pick.   
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