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Atheism community posting rules

1. Allow Comments
To maintain a discussion we require all posts have comments enabled and remain so. This allows moderators to keep in communication.

2. Image posts
Image posts must follow the rules described in the image post policy. See   #GpacMeme .

3. Relevance
Every post must be related to atheism or religion and it must be immediately clear why a post is relevant to the community. If a video is linked from a post, the post must have a clear description of the contents of the video.
3.1. Avoid cross posting
If your post appears to be of dubious quality and the exact same post is posted to multiple communities, it may be considered spam and could be removed.
3.2. English
Posts have to be in English. If non-English content is linked from the post, the post must have a good summary or description of the non-English linked content.

4. Respect
The other members are more important than you, simply because there are more of them. If your presence makes this place a worse experience for everybody else, then you are no longer welcome. If a little more effort on your part makes your post a better experience for everybody else, then you are expected to make that effort. If you don't care about the quality of your post, we don't care about it either.
4.1. NSFW content is not respectful. Nudity and violence or disturbing images must not be directly visible from the stream. Links to such content in either posts or comments must have a warning of what is being linked to.
4.2. Proselytizing
Theists are welcome to join the discussion and to ask questions, but proselytizing is not allowed.
4.3. Do not troll. see:

5. Polls must follow all the above rules and the additional requirements given here:
Casual polls will be removed. 

6. There is no rule #6

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thank you, Carl, for being a poet and a scientist 

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Not related to atheism but after today's events I feel this kind of post is necessary. 
Stand together, Britain! These people will NEVER break us!!

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I am doing some vlogs right now, and this is one of vlogs that I have done.

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What are you?
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Here is a great podcast by Seth Andrews of "The Thinking Atheist".

He hits on many important ideas that would be considered!

If there really was a God people should of never been poor

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Today's chapter is 1 Chronicles 1 which provides a genealogy from Adam to Abraham. All assuming a 6,000 year old Earth, of course. ;-)
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