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So, you're probably aware that Google is dropping Google+ next year. A lot of us are adopting MeWe as a decent replacement. Check it out 😉

The Perfect Storm

That is a description of all the issues you guys had to deal with. New system, new remote, life issues.

I would say ETU is certainly a more difficult option to learn Savage Worlds. And it isn't perhaps as FFF as just using the Basic Rules and your own creations. On an average 3 hour session my group probably goes though 8-12 bennies. It's not unusual for players not being careful to run out before I award another for good role play (like playing Hindrances) or just plain doing something awesome.

Bennies are integral to how the savage worlds cinematic narrative is designed to work. Running up to the demon and stabbing it with your dagger isn't nearly as awesome as the player describing how he runs, jumps onto the table and does a back flip and while in the air fires his pistol at the demons face and when he lands jams his dagger into the demons back. That's FFF! And most of what is described is narrative. Mechanically, unless he has the correct edges to mitigate it, he's at a -2 for the pistol and -4 for the dagger. Seems unlikely to succeed, but remember with exploding dice and bennies for another chance, anything is possible...I've seen it happen many times.

Remote play is something we struggled with initially. But since it's a necessity for us I kept looking for a better platform to make it work. Like I said, Roll20 can work but I found that Fantasy Grounds was better for us. The Combat Tracker is worth it by itself and the character sheets help automate virtually every important roll. It cuts down the confusion factor (and time) significantly. Again, if in the future you need some help figuring it out just let me know and I can jump online and help show you the bells and whistles.

Love the fact that you guys are willing to be honest at what your doing. Brutal! Love it!

Good session gents. You're encountering what all adult gamers eventually deal Can't disagree with anything you brought up. Sometimes you have to shake things up and move on.

I'm disappointed that Savage Worlds hasn't been one of your better experiments, but it's not for everyone. Are you going to MACE? I would suggest trying a Savage Worlds session at MACE just to see it from a different perspective than ETU.

I know the remote gaming experience lags behind a real table session but sometimes it's the only viable option. Have you guys tried Fantasy Grounds? It's a great VTT option for remote gaming. The FG client software for the players is free and the GM can sign up for a monthly ($10) subscription to try it before buying. If you're up to it, I could run a Savage Worlds mini session using FG and Discord to help show you the basics. Nothing too demanding and it would be more tutorial than a one shot. No biggie if you prefer not to.

Good discussion guys.

With Savage Worlds' exploding dice no boss is ever safe from a quick death. But the same can be said about pc's. No one is safe. Knowing an old lady with a folding knife could conceivably gut your character keeps you on your toes in combat. Increasing Toughness or Parry helps but can easily make them too tough if not careful. There is a Setting Rule called "Fanatics" that allow the bosses nearby minions to step in front of damage intended for the big bad that can also help.

As GM I think you have to be a fan of your players and their characters. You want them to succeed while having fun doing it. I generally will use a Bennie to soak wounds once for my boss mobs. After that I will usually let the characters "fantastic" shot or swing do the wounds. But that's a GM call. Your ancient red dragon may need to use as many bennies as necessary to keep wreaking havoc to make the scene work. GM call.

Great podcast guys. Never did 4th Edition, wasn't for me. Going to conventions is a reminder that a small faction of gamers will always be on the fringes of what's considered "normal"...but a convention wouldn't be the same without them.

As far as playing until 90, well it's possible but not likely. As I've grown older I spend less time thinking about rpg's simply because it's an energy I don't have to spend on it. Family and life begin to take up more of your time as an adult...and that's a good thing. I can still get energised about playing but the situation and logistics have to be right or I'll dog the session off. I'm less inclined to "make it work" if not everyone can show up or family issues arise.

Hankerin Ferinale (hankering for an ale) 😁 Subscribed to Dungeoncraft to check it out. Thanks!

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Here's a great video from the ICRPG insight you can get!

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Listened to the last podcast. Aah, the memories!

I hate to sound "grognard'ish" but I've been doing the RPG hobby since 1981. It started out as Monty Hall D&D while in the USAF and has remained a life long friend. I still vividly remember the guys I started out with back in those early days. We had a blast!

Like you gents, I spent way too many hours in my earlier years playing mmorpg's, WoW being the longest but starting all the way back with a game called Meridian 59. I have moved way past mmorpg's but tabletop (or in my case VTT's) rpg's are still my primary hobby. There are times when life gets so busy I have to take a break for a few months to re-energize the passion level, but it always comes back.

I have been primarily a GM all these years and don't consider myself a very good player for that reason. I've come to understand I enjoy the creation process of putting together a game or campaign more than any other aspect. Playing with friends is icing on the cake. Trying to play with strangers at a con, although a fun change of pace, lets you realize how much you appreciate playing with close friends and how rare that can be.

And there are times I too long can I keep playing RPG's? It'll be a sad day when I lose the ability or passion to do so. But it hasn't arrived yet!

Good pod guys!

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Index Card RPG. A possible candidate for Brian's new game system. It's got the DM Scotty seal of approval! D20 "rules light" system that's all the rage. Check it out.

Listening to episode 53. The device you used to help determine what happened to the characters between semesters is called an "interlude" in Savage Worlds. The difference being that generally the GM would simply ask the players if anyone wants to perform an interlude. If a player chooses to accept the interlude (they don't have to perform an interlude) and come up with a story, they're awarded a Benny. Interludes can be used anytime there's time for one during the story (I.e. Iong trip, time between semesters, etc). But there's nothing wrong with the way your table did it either. 😉
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