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Name: Kaoru Delroy Weldon (Kay-oh-roo Dell-roy Well-done)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: 100 lbs
S/O: Gay
Price: $10
How he became a slave: He looks for masters who will feed him and house him in exchange for him being their slave
Bio: He is never called Kaoru but instead called Kae (Kay), pet or slave. Kae has medium dark purple hair and greyish purple eyes with a very weak muscular build.
Likes: BDSM, being called pet, teasing, being Sub
Dislikes: Being Dom

ART (c) ME

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and she is a slave

she already have a Master ! 

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Hey guys im new

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Name: Kai
Age: 15
Likes: being a general good person
Dislikes: being annoyed
Looking for slave: 
(Os this where it goes and looks pic below)

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yhyoji harade

NickName : Lady Hyoji

age : 20ans

Looking for : Slave (only girl)

Like : Music, Cookies

Dislike : Annoying People

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Name: Kai
Age: 14
Likes: my owner
Dislikes: not being with them
Looking for owner
(I changed the age on my master profile 

Gonna make the rule Tomorrow ! 

Can we have more than 1 profile 

Looking for a Mistress ! i'm supah good at cooking , and massage you ! ~ <3

Here i change some stuff (it Weird ! that Right)
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