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After Action Report: Today was the first Saturday of the month and you know what that means... It's time for First Saturday!
Yes, it's time for all the good little boys and girls to put aside their differences and meet for some coffee and gossip.  The site for this month was moved at the last minute because of a conflict but Aromas Coffeehouse in teh Old Market is always good fun.
We had several new players attend this month including a couple from KC (Goldenone9140 and Chop79) and two new Omaha agents (compassyun and ballinplay). There were several levelers in the house as well. (good to seem them since this is all about them, right?)
Personally I had a great time getting to know a lot of the newer agents that I have seen on the scanner and in COMMS but had not had a chance to meet yet.  Having a face to place with the agent name really helps keep it real. 
After sufficient amounts of caffeine were taken in and the agents were fully revved up we started the competition. This month the teams were much more even than they have been in a quite while. 
After just over two hours of fierce competition the results were compiled and the results were as follows:

City Levels Gained: 4
Total Trekker Earned: 96
City AP Gained: 2344243

Top Enlightened Leveler: ballinplay - 1 level (53330)
Top Resistance Leveler: RusTinMan - 1 level (111770)
Top Overall Leveler: RusTinMan - 1 level (111770)

AP Gained - Enlightened: 873,516
AP Gained - Resistance: 1,780,206

Top 3 AP Increase:
OmahasBeast - 309,479
someagenthole - 221164
ShinyTinman - 172892

See the attached screenshot for all the data from the event.

NOTE: There was some confusion regarding the start time and some agents departed the location while other agents were still doing check-in but after a bit of discussion the contest time was extended to 2:15 for everyone else and the early agents were asked to come in at 2 hours instead, which they did.

Thank you to everyone that donated today so that the winners could be awarded prizes since this event is funded by the agents not NIANTIC.

Great times were had and I can't wait to see you all next month!

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Thanks for the oppurtunity. Although my primary area of gameplay is N.W. KS. Ive started to play into S.W. CO and S.E. NE. area's as well.

Interested to see if anyone is interested in stacking cross faction field layers?

This could be done in between checkpoints so scoring wouldn't sway either way. Or could be done to minimize either faction from receiving more MU when planned correctly.

Thanks again, Semper Fields
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What happened here? I haven't seen this before. No glitch on my scanner as far as I can tell; just dense piles of xm.

Looking for a few volunteers to jump in a hangout to start working on the nl1331 x fac meet up

Thanks for the add

Update: NO PLAYERS ALLOWED, PERIOD. (This includes students.)

TL;DR If playing on UC campus, college authorities would prefer you play by yourself, only during the day, and don't stay for long.

Due to incidents involving campus security and large groups of Ingress players roaming Union College campus after midnight and using hand-held radios, the campus security team and other college officials would prefer if ALL Ingress players refrained from walking on Union College campus at all, especially at night. However, day-time playing and quick walk-throughs will attract less attention than larger groups and continuous roaming of campus. Students won't have any problems, but since UC is "private property", the people on the security team are advised against community ingress players.

I am saddened that the actions of some players ultimately will affect the gameplay of everybody. I will attempt to talk to the security leaders, if at least to bring clarity to the situation.

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Dropping a different kind of knowledge on you all today. Things most of us involved in the social aspect experience but few ever want to openly talk about. Theres a darker side of Ingress sociality and I think it could be beneficial to check our reality.


FYI: North Platte has a new mission :)  I remembered the state where I grew up.. So I sent some love in the form of a mission.  Thanks +Erik Sheets for the help in creating and suggestion for location.
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