Okay, I shall make a poll: What Fairy Tail ships do you support most?

1) Juvia x Gray
2) Natsu x Lucy
3) Romeo x Wendy
4) Happy x Carla
5) Alzack x Bisca
6) Lyon x Chelia
7) Jellal x Erza
8) Natsu x Lisanna
9) Evergreen x Elfman
10) Gageel x Levy
11) Ichiya x Erza
12) Cobra x Kinana
13) Loke x Lucu
14) Loke x Aries
15) Lyon x Juvia
16) Lyon x Sherry
17) Simon x Erza
18) Bacchus x Cana
19) Dan x Angel
20) Dan x Lucy
21) Pantherlily x Carla
22) Mystogan x Edolas Erza
23) Gray x Lucy
24) Gray x Erza
25) Gray x Ultear
26) Hibiki x Lucy
27) Hibiki x Cana
28) Laxus x Juvia
29) Laxus x Cana
30) Ren x Lucu
31) Taurus x Lucy
32) Aquarius x Scorpio
33) Makarov x Porlyusica
34) Freed x Mira
35) Laxus x Mira
36) Mystogan x Erza (Normal Erza)
37) Natsu x Mira
38) Natsu x Erza
39) Sting x Yukino
40) Sting x Lucy
41) Zeref x Mavis

If I missed any, sorry, and post the next number in line with the ship and I'll add it.

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Laxus? Can I be Lucy?

Guild masters are required for the following
Mermaid Heel
Crime Sorcier
Blue Pegasus
Quatro Cerberus
Lamia Scale

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Hakuno kishinami

May I be southern wolves guild master?

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I shall be Erza Scarlet

I'm looking for a team. Lets see who can make me join them.

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I am elgim e.o and I need a guild is, anyone looking for a giant.mummy in a stone chair

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Info: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sasuke_Uchiha
+Laxus Dreyr can i be Fairy Tail's guild master
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I'd like to be Guild Master of Raven Tail.
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