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~You must sign up and comment on the rosters that your Oc or canon character applys to before rping and you must be approved
~Must stay pretty much according to what happened
~you must use the profile templet to sign up
~no spam or disrespect to mods
~no acting like you own the committee
~no being anyone you aren't signed up as
~(more added later)










Best subject:

Worst subject:



Patronus:(if any)


Looks:(or picture)

~say when whoever you are signing up as is the age you put and in the year you put
~just because you sign up a canon character doesn't mean you will be them 

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"Why does every like her so much better than they like me!"
Name~Lilith Weasley
Nicknames~LiLi, Lilith, Zoe, Zella, Zoey
Age~ 16
House~ Slytherin
Year~ 6th
Birthday~November 9th 1977
Blood Status~Pure Blood
First Year At Hogwarts~1989-1990
Wand~Phoenix feather, 13 inches, Blackthorn wood
Likes~Being a prefect/Being Head Girl, some The Dark Lords ideas and promises, the idea of Railia dying, people who are nice to her, people who believe in her, people who don't think she's evil.
Dislikes~Rejection, Railia, Being compared to Railia, rumors, Oliver Wood, her family.
Personality~Hateful, introverted, cold, hopeful, lost
Crush~No one...or no one she'll admit
From~London, England
Favorite Class~ Potions
Favorite Professor~Snape
Least Favorite Class~Transfiguration
Least Favorite Professor~Binns
Bio~ Lilith is the younger of her and her twin sister. She hates her sister because in her opinion her sister is "Miss Perfect". Lilith only likes and talks to a couple people mostly Slytherin who aren't mean to her. In her fifth year Lilith became a prefect and in her seventh year she became a head girl. She had also always hated her cousins who always sided with her "perfect" sister. But when Lilith graduated school she didn't return home.
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" An enemy? Oh which one?"
Name~ Railia Weasley
Nicknames~Rails, Rah-Rah, Ray-Ray
Age~ 16
Year~ 6th
Birthday~ November 9th 1977
Blood Status~ Pure Blood
First year at Hogwarts~ 1989-1990
Wand~Thestral Hair, 12 1/2 inches, Ash wood.
Patronus~ Eagle
Bogart~ Voldemort
Likes~ Oliver, her parents, her cousins, getting good grades, being a prefect and head girl.
Dislikes~Lilith, Slytherin, Voldemort
Personality~ Nice, Friendly, seems almost perfect(though she isn't), intelligent, responsible, brave, protective
Crush~ Oliver Wood
From~ London, England
Favorite Class~ Transfiguration
Favorite Professor~ Professor Mcgonagall
Least Favorite Class~ Potions
Least Favorite Professor~ Professor Snape
Quidditch Position~ None
Bio~ Railia is the twin sister of Lilith Weasley though Railia sometimes doesn't like to admit it. Railia's dad is the brother of Arthur Weasley and her mother is a pure blood witch.
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Generation:Golden trio and a professor in next generation

Name~Marietta Defar




Wand~11 3/4 inch. Dragon heart string cedar wood

Blood~half blood

Crush~Fred Weasley

Best subject~charms

Worst subject~divinations

Bogart~The people she loves dieing

Personality:nice,sometimes clueless, inosent,smart,clumsy,quirky,usually happy,gets bored easily,doesn't get angry often,easily scared but not a coward, procrastination.(All these are before the battle of Hogwarts)


Birthday~December 2nd 1978

Bio:Marietta was born in France on December 2nd 1978. She had one older sister(I'll add the rest later)

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Name~ Asher Edmund Clark


Birthday~ January 15th 1999.

Year~ 6th

House~ Hufflepuff

Sexual Orientation~ Straight

Blood Status~ Half Blood

Appearance: (Picture Preferred)~
Hair~ Red/Ginger
Eyes~ Blue
Skin~ Light

Wand~ 12 1/2 inches, Thestral hair, elm wood

Likes~France, Getting O's on his exams, Hufflepuff winning in Quidditch.

Dislikes~ Being adopted, the fact that his parents left him at an orphanage

Personality~Intelligent, nice(at most times), determined.


Asher was born January 15th 1999. His parents left him at a muggle orphanage about a month after he was born. He was adopted when he was about 1 and his last name was changed from Wilson his supposed last name to Clark the last name of his adoptive parents. His adoptive parents were muggles and later had a daughter named Ivy Dakota Clark. When Asher turned 11 he got a letter from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry where he was sorted into Hufflepuff house but almost was put in Ravenclaw. He was thought to be a muggle born and still is. He is a Hufflepuff prefect but isn't the best at it sometimes. He also has an interest in France.

Where From~
Born in Le Havre France(Lived there in an orphanage for 1 year as a baby)
Lives in Brighton England(From when he was 1 to when he was 18)

Can I be Ginny?

anyone want to rp with me?

you see a woman in the 3 broomsticks she looks about 21 or 22 and looks sad and a bit depressed she has medium longish ginger hair which is covering some of her face and she doesn't look like she's slept very well in a while and may look a bit firmilar
(2 years after the battle)
+Crazy Kat

Ok so for sign up we just make a profile?
Which generation does this take place?

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Generation:Next Generation

Name:Elizabeth Malwood

Age:12(19 years later)



Wand:-I'll add later-

Blood:pure blood

Crush:Indian Twycross

Best subject:potions

Worst subject:history of magic

Bogart:Unknown(I'll add later)


Patronus:(I'll add later)

Bio::Elizabeth was orphaned by her parents.Her mum left her a necklace. Her dad left her a bracelet. Her parents changed her last name making it so she couldn't trace it to either of them. She was adopted by a rich muggle family when she was 9 after spending mostly all of her life at a muggle orphanage. When she was adopted her adoptive parents had in fact let her keep her last name.When she got her hogwarts letter her adoptive parents were amazed and gladly let her attend. Elizabeth was kind and sometimes fair but she knew how to get what she wanted. She was sorted into slytherin where she wasn't the most exepted because she had been raised by muggles and did not know her blood type. She had in fact almost been sorted into hufflepuff but was not.She made friends with people from other houses as well.

Looks:(or picture)
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