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Top benefits of Using #internetofthings in business sector.

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Essential Elements of Internet of Things Strategy

The #InternetofThings is all about new creating a world of opportunities. But with opportunities come challenges. The long journey of Internet of Things requires careful planning and evaluation of objectives to ensure your #business can leverage IoT opportunities.

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IoT6 organised two sessions at the IOT Forum in London June 17-18, 2014 

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IoT6 was invited to organize a session and to make two presentations at the 5th Future Internet Summit in Luxembourg. 

IoT6 Handbook for SMEs. We are pleased to announce that we finalized and printed an IoT6  Handbook for SMEs.  Reply  Delete  Favorite   More
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IoT6 presented its result at the FIA conference in Athens in March 2014. IoT6 set up a booth presenting several innovative interactions.

IoT6 at the Danube-IT conference in Novi Sad IoT6 presented key conclusions and recommendations on IPv6 for the Internet of Things.
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