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Sunny sun sun sun! I love the sunshine!
Name- Sunny
Fusion- Volcarona and Cherrim
Type- Fire
Moves- Sunny Day, Morning Sun, Ember
Personality- Always happy, cheerful, childish
Likes- The sunshine, happiness
Dislikes- Rain, clouds
Bio- Hello! My name is Sunny! I am a Cherrim and Volcarona Fusion! I used to be just a Cherrim, but then one day the clouds looked weird. It was like as if they were on fire! Then from the clouds, a weird looking rock fell. It landed right besides me and scared me! I was curious as to what it was and touched it. The rock was hot and felt like a piece of charcoal. At that moment, I felt myself get engulfed in fire. When I felt normal, I found myself as part Cherrim part Volcarona!
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