Name: Tray Wolf
Type: human or wolf
Personality: quiet and seldom talks to unknown people. Loves his bike and never touch his blades. He'll drink you under the table then drive you home. Always has his leather jacket on.
Likes: books. Blades. Bike. Reading.
Dislikes: a lot

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name: Riley Woods
age: 17
gender: female
being: Demon/shape-shifter
bio: Riley was raised in a poor Demonic Family. The thing that made Riley special was that every 80 years, a child would be granted the gift of shape-shifting, which is what Riley is. She can shift into any animal, but for some reason always black with violet eyes. Her favorite animals to turn into is a cat, Raven, and wolf.
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Riley laid on her roof, looking at the sky. She counted the stars lazily and imagined herself flying all the way to the sky and disappearing into nothingness.

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