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Names: See pic
Ages: Tai- 19, Rem- 17, Meg- 12
Genders: All female
Species: Foxes. Durr.
Likes: Tai- Protecting her sisters; Rem- Reading; Meg- Making friends
Dislikes: Tai- Humans; Rem- Being split up from her sisters; Meg- The dark
Personalities: Tai- Protective, feirce; Rem- Friendly, smart; Meg- Shy, kind of quiet
Bio: They used to live with their parents until one day their den caved in and their parents were killed. They've lived on their own ever since, watching out for each other and living in a sort of pack with just the three of them. They have a motto: 'No sister left behind'

The three sisters walk across a clearing when suddenly they encounter...

Can we have multiple characters?

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