For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Minnesota
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Many Germans from Russia settled in Minnesota.  Please join our community and share your story.
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Mary Foxworthy

Discussion  - 
I'm looking for photos of the communities on the levee in St. Paul in the  1890s through 1920. Does anyone have a photo to share with me?
Thanks in advance.
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Yes, they have some great photos, Problem is that I cannot afford $20 each for digital images for my family history.  I was hoping that a few folks would volunteer to share their own photos.
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Mary Foxworthy

Discussion  - 
I sure hope that this small community grows.

My great grandparents arrived from Poland [Prussia] in the early 1880's and settled on the Upper Levee.  I'm searching for photos of the Levee from that era.  I'll be grateful for any help.

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Aimee Cook

Discussion  - 
I am having difficulty locating any records of my family, other than the census records. I am looking for George Rapp and his wife Aggie(Agatha) Franz. My great grandpa George is buried in Northfield, Rice, Minnesota, he died 5 December 1935. My last known whereabouts of my great grandma Aggie is in 1945 in Fairbault, Rice, MN. I would love any information anyone might have or ideas of places to look. 
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Thank you Mary!!
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Chuck Herrick

Discussion  - 
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