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Has anyone an idea, how to solve the issue, which causes, that during tests, it is not possible to install a module, which imports configuration entities?
More info:

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Here's a list of Local Baltimore attractions compiled by a local Baltimorian

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Here's a link to my Party finder hangout:

If you're in Baltimore we are going to use this and the group to find out where all the parties are (and who's going there).

I'm in the Acquia Partner Summit and soon will be heading into the technical break-out. Does anyone have any questions you want me to ask?

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Getting pumped

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Why is WordPress’ market share so large?

Easy: It can be set up and operated by non-developers—and there are a lot more non-developers than developers!


Drupal doesn't miss the boat with this one... It misses the entire ocean.

Well here we are, the weekend before +DrupalCon . If you're going to be there I hope to see ya. Over the years, one thing that many people are skeptical about is how accepting the Drupal community is. How much it can feel that we're a group of different people (so different) but one big team that pulls together and tries to make each other succeed.

In my own experience, I can certainly think of instances where that hasn't been the case. But as an experience taken in totality, it is the community of people and the acceptance I have felt from the community that has me doing everything I do with Drupal.

I know that these days are really hard. In many ways, this is the darkest timeline. But even in these days, if you find me at Drupalcon please come and say hello. I want to do what I can to make your experience at Drupalcon a good one. You're awesome, and I think you should know that.

WIth that in mind, Who's going to be there? 

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Post has shared content is looking at Developer Tools (GitLab, Github, Issue Workspaces etc) now with an update on April 11th. Go have a read, very exciting for the Drupal community.

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