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If any of you are interested There is a great new place to entertain and be entertained and they are looking for club owners and developers as well as musicians. So Check it out today while you listen to one of SL's all time favorite entertainers... Noma Falta.. Hear some awesome guitar licks and the great voice of NOMA Falta as she wails her rock and roll tunes on GuitaraHalla for her premiere performance in the virtual world of sinespace from 3-4 pm EDT (aka 6-7 pm SLT/PDT). Signup for a free account at

Olá players do AviWorlds Grid, agora o melhor grid alternativo no mundo Opensim, já tem suporte via Skype. os residentes podem adicionar este nome, "aviworlds.grid" na busca do Skype e tirar suas dúvidas em relação ao grid ou caso estejam precisando de suporte para algum problema com suas terras.
Estamos a disposição a partir de 12:00hs até 00:00hs
AviWorlds Grid - Grupo Avi-Labs

Hello players of the AviWorlds Grid, now the best alternative at the world grid, Opensim, already has support via Skype. residents can add this name, "aviworlds. grid" in search of Skype and take your questions relative to the grid or if they are in need of support for any problems with their land.

We are available from 12:00 to hs 00:00 hs

AviWorlds Grid-Group Avi-Labs

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Woof bloody Woof!
Anita has just updated the F4 Phantom to 3.1 version in AviWorlds. This fantastic two seater jet is available at her main store there for only 2500 Avi$ (thats about 1250L). I have flown it on the VAR this is really where the planes come into there own.
A 64 region area with no crossings, you can really wind it out.
Come in have a look Ill take you for a ride and maybe you will go wow and buy one!

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AviWorlds and DOR are comitted to bringing Flight to our grid and in a few short months with the Help of some talented people we are well on track with this. Currently DOR consists of 201 linked regions, a 8x8 (64 region size) VAR and a 4 x4 916 region size) VAR region and 20 single stand alone regions. Some of you may have heard or seen the DOR Angels aerobatic team whom accomplished great performances in second life, they are now
based in AviWorlds and on their way to a airshow in April.
We have aircraft which can dog fight as well... as often said impossible and can't are just excuses. Attached picture of DOR Angels at one of their practices in AviWorlds
DA Admiral

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Yay woopee!
Just completed the first test flight in the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter over the DOR Arrival cluster of regions.
Alex and I have both said often enough "keep the faith".
We are correct, The black hawk crossed all regions in the Arrival cluster with no real ill effects. To those who said can't or impossible I say can do and it is a certainty.
Lets Fly DOR!!!! It is so refreshing to be able to fly 196 regions with out being Rubber banded across the grid.

I have been doing some testing with Opensim 0.9 which is supposed to run Secondlife scripts straight off. This is not exactly true. Some basic scripts yes MAYBE. I have been trying out many many Secondlife  flying scripts and 99.8% of them will, when run give a script error meaning they will not work unless you are a confident scripter who understands the scripting language or know how to adapt or modify a Secondlife script. 

Just like Bullet in the beginning there are not many scripts freely available to use for flying machines. Yes there are one or two people in Opensim that have aircraft that fly and fly rather well but like Secondlife these scripts are well protected. So it in my opinion it will be another long wait before scripts for this type of vehicle become available.

Hi team looks like Grid is down again.
Im sure Alex & co will be on it asap.

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Favorite avatar outfitters survey – -- No submissions yet for DigiWorldz, 3rd Rock, Kitely, Logicamp, AviWorlds, Refuge Grid, Dorena's, Anettes, Nara's Nook... many smaller grid. I'm looking for places where hypergrid newbies can come to get their avatars started off right!

Please help newcomers to OpenSim AND you can win a virtual reality headset, too. Thanks!

At the moment Adventure Bay and it's group of regions in AviWorlds Grid include, The Welcome International Airport, Redlight City which includes the Fashion House Region, Maid Manor Park, Redlight Hotel and Spa, and Pro Racer Motorsports Circuit. Soon to follow will be the big street racing circuit Alexander City.
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