((This will be a fighting or something else rp, anyone may join ^^))

Sitting on the edge of a building on a clear night looking at all the stars, hating every single person on this pathetic planet as clouds soon grew in as I sat up then feeling someone behind me, it was you, I looked a you then summoning one of my spears at you, you then....

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Thanks for accepting me!! Here's my profile! Comment after I get accepted if you want to rp!

Name:Eclipse Dusk
Gender:Female of course!
Species:Dragon hybrid
Personality:Is a complete yandere/Insane/Aggressive/A bit seductive/Very Mysterious/Loves to kill for fun!
Like:Loves to kill/Fights/Playing a game of hide and seek/Surprising people by stabbing them/Flirting/Katanas
Dislikes:Losing a fight/Getting found defenseless/Getting rejected/getting hit in the gut
Strengths:Fighting/Dark magic/My flirting skills
Weaknesses:Was trained but isn't really strong/Depression
Powers:Dark magic/Shape shifting/Able to take form of a dragon/can summon a spear
Bio:I don't tell it to people I don't know
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Yeah sorry i forgot this place existed but for those who haven't met me yet.

I'm Ernest the mad hatter I'm a guy who quite frankly has lost the desire to love and feel when it comes to myself and others. But I will always smile and try to make you feel the happiness that I killed off inside of myself. smiles widely dispite the large scars from self mutilation covering my body welcome
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i was sitting on a bench in the middle of the park while it was still dark outside enjoying a cigarette as my cold black eyes watched the starless sky as if it was one of the most beautiful things in the world

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Anyone else wanna rp I'm bored. And if you hesitate... I'll cleave your head off... no sparring to the death.

He walks around like a possessed man killing absolutely anything in his way leaving behind him a trail of destruction that many bodies lie in wake

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First Name: Project C.D.M
Surname: Subject #01
Nickname: James
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (legal age for everything except drinking and smoking)
Nationality: American
Species: humanoid/neko

Skin Tone:white
Hair Colour:brown
Eye Colour:brown

Personality: protecting caring dangerous
Normal Mood: easy going and fun
Bad Habits: misunderstanding things
Strengths: my large range of weapons and skills
Interests: helping others
Disinterests: be used for simple jobs
Fears: not being good enough (cuz i would cease to exist)
Extras/other: background: Made in a weapon facility to be able to destroy anything escaped captivity and went searching for friends. Specialty: 5 different stages,
stage 1 "slayer clone" high speeds low defense moderate reflexes moderate damage,
stage 2 "tank clone" low moving speed high damage low reflexes moderate defense,
stage 3 "demon slayer clone" high speed high reflexes high damage high defense,
stage 4 "demi god destroyer clone" very high speed high defense high reflexes very high damage ,
stage 5 "god demolisher" extremely high speed extremely high damage extremely high defense extremely high reflexes (all around badass) pic go from stage 4,5,1,2,3
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H-How did i get here....hmph thx for the invite
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Sup lil niggas!

When your demons sleep.
Mine are watching.
Waiting on you to challenge me.
I felt the pain of true demon.
Now I want to show you mine.
He touches his body remembering the hole that once was there or I'll just tear through most of you to get you he grips the deadly biblical dagger carving this on a high tower so all can see just once as he was carved

+God of Lycans​ btw you do know you lost right?
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