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The Lords of Chaos have brought the Twilight of the G+ upon us.

What do we think about moving to something like NodeBB?

There is some time before Google shuts down G+, but perhaps we could start migrating...


+Thor Olavsrud

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Running a campaign in a world of my own creation. The 9th Empire is loosely based on feudal Japanese culture. I like creating my own stuff, so I made my own GM screen. My first one was in a customizable screen in profile format, but it was too high and I could’nt see what was going on at the table without standing up. I found one in landscape format and made a new screen. I liked how it turned out, so thought I would share it here. It has a turn counter at the top and the third page has a season counter that matches up on the GM side and the Player side. I’d appreciate any comments, questions or new ideas.
GM Screen.pdf
GM Screen.pdf

So we played last Saturday and got through about two thirds of Skogenby, after character creation. They all loved it, and were back on this Sunday. Ive gotta say I just love the system. It sets up great moments and really fits my gming style.

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So I've been in a Middarmark group as a player for quite some time and I've been pushed by my fellows to post art I made for the campaign. I recently made some conflict cards of the other PC's for fun but I do other stuff like wallpapers, emoticons, and more.

Hope ya'll enjoy as much as they do :'D I have a bunch of art for the group and I'm afraid to dump them all at once.

(If anyone wants to use the Darkest Dungeon parody logo or the cards feel free to)
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A new Mordite Monday: Strategies for balancing the adventuring team!

Player strategy around Nature:

I was thinking this morning about how it's useful to avoid learning certain skills in order to log nature advancement frequently enough to keep up with tax.

Avoid learning manipulator and demand/intimidate.
Avoid learning scout and engage in pursue/ flee conflicts.

Avoid learning orator and sing your arguments.

Avoid learning manipulator and riddle your way out of trouble.

Avoid learning survivalist and craft emergency tools.

It's interesting that elves would benefit from not having lore master or scout (to use their remembering and hiding nature often). Similarly, dwarves have armorer and halflings have scout. So some of the more obvious options are off the table, presumably in the name of game balance.

Are there others I'm missing?

I could swear I posted this before, but I can’t find it now. Is the only advantage Hide Armor has over Leather is that it stops damage on a 3-6 instead of 4-6? It still only lets you roll once per conflict AND it causes Fatigue AND it takes up two torso slots instead of one? Doesn’t seem like a balanced trade off.

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I ran a hydra conflict last night and thought I would share my monster. Results of the play through below...

Lake Hydra
Lake hydrae are ferocious, serpentine amphibians with multiple heads.

Might: 5
Nature: 8

Descriptors: Masticating, Gliding, Lurking

Kill: 17
Attack: +1D, Many-fanged bite
Defend: +1D, +2s Regeneration

Capture: 12
Maneuver: +1D, Virulent blood
Defend: +1D, +2s Regeneration

Drive Off: 8
Attack: +1D, Poisonous Breath
Maneuver: +1D, +1s, Deadly Scent
Defend: +1D, +2s Regeneration

Flee: 4
Attack: +2D, Slithering Chase
Feint: +1D, Snapping Tail

Instinct: Never let mortals enter the Otherworld.

Brute: Cannot be convinced or riddled.

Multiple Heads: Lake hydrae possess six heads. In a conflict, each head receives disposition hit points but does not add to the
conflict disposition. Each head should use its own monster token and provides help to the actions of the other heads or monsters. Heads share weapons for the whole hydra. If a weapon is disarmed, none of the heads can use it.

Otherworldly Immunity: While the hydra has two or more heads remaining, it is immune to being charmed, blinded, deafened, frightened, or stunned. Once it has only one head remaining, not only does it cease to be immune but it cannot use its Regeneration weapon until a second head is brought back into the conflict.

I based it off the ancient Greek myth and not the D&D version so much. It's interesting how, over the centuries, the number of heads in Heracles' story went from 6, to 9, to 12, to 50, and so on (humans and their Boasting nature, I guess). I don't know how D&D settled on five, but I went with the earliest 700 BCE version that had six and could only heal back heads and not duplicate severed heads.

We had a really fun time with it. It was a pretty long and challenging conflict that lasted over an hour. The trick is surviving long enough to get it down to one head. If it was a kill conflict, I might have played Defend - Defend - Defend to see if I could heal it back to full, but this was a Drive Off conflict so I didn't feel I had to go that route.

The party (six 3rd level characters with a disposition of 10) did a drive off conflict. Most of the time the hydra rolled 13-14D (with weapons) vs the party's base 9-10D until they started lobbing off those heads to get rid of helping dice.

The first round I announced "Deadly Scent" as the hydra's weapon. All three characters tapped Nature to prevent success and even the odds.

Then, I used Regeneration with one Defend action in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round. When I declared the Regeneration weapon at the top of those rounds, it was interesting because they knew a Defend was coming. At first, they failed to line up their Feint, and I got heads back - especially thanks to that nasty +2s on Defend. In the 5th round, with two heads left, I started with a Defend, and they played Attack (10D vs 10D). They tied and went for the roll off and got it.

In the end, the group was pretty tapped out of rewards. The party was able to send it on its way on the 5th round 2nd action, but they had a minor compromise... it slithered off, lurking in the swampy lake beyond the torch light, beckoning others to protect the gateway to the Otherworld.

Hydra artwork by Andrew Jian. CC 2.0 Attribution.


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Happy Thursday!

Today I'm exploring how to use dungeons and hazardous locations on your map to create opportunities for player choices. I also take a look at using rumors!

I'm starting a Torchbearer campaign this saturday. Two players are brand new to RPGs! I don't have any questions I'm just excited and wanted to share!
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