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The first of what will be many play reports for my Torchbearer Tuesday game!

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I ported Deeds from BW into TB because it was an Artha that I missed, and I feel had the perfect niche to fill!

People, a friend tells me she tried to back the Middamark KS but all her cards bounced back. She even tried with a friends card just in case, but was unable to back.

Is there any other way she can back a Necromancer-level pledge?

Purple Worm
The purple worm is akin to an enormous and bizarre earthworm. It is a deep purple color, with a pale yellow underbelly. One end terminates in a barb-toothed mouth, the size of an ox; at the other end is a deadly stinger. Although they will consume any living creature, the rotting corpses of large beasts and vast swarms of vermin are favored meals. They also consume vast amounts of dirt and minerals as they burrow. The gut of a purple worm could easily contain anything able to resist its digestive juices: gemstones, metal gauntlets, magic swords, etc.

Few things are both hardy and desperate enough to prey on the purple worm. Umber hulks and hungry packs of trolls are about the only creatures foolish enough to try it.

Might 6
Nature 7: burrowing, scavenging, swallowing whole
Instinct: Consume anything that might be food.

Kill: 11
Attack: +1s, Ravenous Maw
Defend: +1D, Tail Stinger
Maneuver: +1D, Flexible Poses

Flee: 7
Attack: +1s Ravenous Maw
Maneuver: +2D, Tunneler

Drive Off: 15
Attack: +1s, Ravenous Maw
Defend: +1D, Tail Stinger
Maneuver: +1D, Flexible Poses

Trick: 4
Attack: -1D +1s, Almost Mindless

Armor: Body wall capable of burrowing through solid rock (counts as chain).

Special: It is not uncommon to hear of an entire group of adventurers vanishing down the ravenous maw of a purple worm, screaming as they disappear one by one. Anyone knocked out of a fight by this weapon cannot be brought back into the fight. The only way to rescue an adventurer that has been swallowed whole is to kill the worm and cut open its gut.

Umber Hulk
Also known as “hook beast” or “hulker”, it is a large, bipedal, insectoid aberration with an ape-like build. Their ironlike claws allow them to burrow through solid stone in search of prey. They have no neck to speak of, but the head features a powerful maw with rows of triangular teeth and 8-inch mandibles capable of biting through hide and bone. Most peculiar of all are the four round eyes, spaced evenly across the umber hulk’s forehead.

They are intelligent, solitary hunters, and prefer to ambush their prey, digging to a point adjacent to a main corridor, laying in wait and peeking through a crack they’ve made, then springing out upon startled victims.

Might 5
Nature 6: burrowing, waiting, rending

Kill: 9
Attack: +2D, burst through wall (first action only); +1D, claws; -1D +1s, mandibles

Drive Off: 3
Attack: +2D, burst through wall (first action only); +1D, claws; -1D +1s mandibles

Flee: 6
Attack: +2D, burst through wall (first action only); +1D, claws; -1D +1s, mandibles
Maneuver: +1D, tunneling
Feint: +2D, burst through wall

Trick: 13
Attack: +1D, preternatural instincts
Defend: +1D, latent psionic

Instinct: Always attack from hiding.
Special: A character looking upon the umber hulk must succeed in a Will vs. Nature (6) test. Success means the character was able to look away in time. Recommended failure result: twist. The character is driven mad, see the special condition: Confused.

As the Angry condition, plus roll 2d6 each turn (or each round in a conflict) and either (2-5) the character acts normally, (6-8) they do nothing but mutter senselessly, or (9-12) they will attack their allies. Anything that allows recovery from Angry also recovers Confused.

Raige Naithe
A haft hewed of foreign foil, capped with a globe of strange materia that rings like a chime, and canted over by an ancient magi for an hundred years, this sceptre holds the authority of the Lord Sorcerer of Ardmor.
Magic Sceptre
1 Charge
When a spell is cast upon the wielder of this sceptre, they may initiate a versus Arcanist roll against the caster to reverse the full effect of the spell back at them. The wielder must take the exhausted condition even if successful, and the sick and exhausted conditions if failed, however the spell will always be returned back to the source. Once this power had been used, the globe shatters and the sceptre is destroyed.

I see the info about the Wizard's Tower location on p 100, but I feel like I don't have a strong picture of one. I guess it's pretty open to interpretation, like how the wizard and the town relate to each other. Has anyone gotten much mileage out of the tower? Got anything to relate on how you used it?

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Been messing around a bit lately with trying my hand at creating some Torchbearer classes. My first attempt is the tanuki, which people may be familiar with as the raccoon-like shapshifters from Pom Poko.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hey everyone, I'm running a Dark Sun Torchbearer game weekly on Wednesdays @ 4PM PST. I'm looking for 1-2 more players. We just finished our second session in the city of Tyr. The events follow the rise and fall of King Kalak and the PCs role in helping the Veiled Alliance. If you have any questions or are interested, let me know. We play on roll20.

Hey all, just a quick question about conflicts:

If the party is up against a group of bandits, do I generate their disposition as if they were player characters, since they have skills? Similarly, will I use their skills in the conflict instead of Nature?

Also, does anyone have a metric they use to create generic stat blocks for creatures? Like how to assign static dispositions for different conflict types.

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