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'Eternal obey'
Thou lips bring poison and delight.
Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
I can stay to hold your hand.
Until we die, burn crimson, dear.

Thou catch is all I needed of;
we'll never let the other go.
So, 'til exist eternal love,
we'll divide her with one soul...

And if one of us leave and die,
the other will burn in hellfires;
but whatever happens, dear,
you'll have my soul, I'll having yours.

'Pathetic carnivore'
It was an autumn: like many autumn days,
when I met you roaming through the woods.
It was cold and rainy autumn day,
but to run back at home...
I refused.

You stared at me and I just stared back at you,
caught in the kindness of your jet eyes-
you were so, so innocent...
But, alas, it was just another mask...
Your innocence was mask...

And I realized it
on the uneasy way
that you never were the boy,
whom I hoped that met that autumn day.
The weather then now doesn't seem too cold...
When part of me is gone.

While we watched the stars above our heads,
you only saw the dying ones.
And while we laughed...
Oh, how
It hurts to know
that the joke was with no other, but with me.
I'm the joke in your life.

Each stare of yours slowly poisoned me,
your grip took away my breath.
And the words: the kind words, which spoke to me,
were a way to make me loose balance...

All this time
like a carnivore,
you mercilessly tore me on a pieces.
But I couldn't rush, no matter how I got enough,
I was locked among pathetic glitches.

Everything, you wanted, was to
low me on your level:
to be always insecure and prone to suicide.
But no matter how it hurts,
I got enough of it.
Want to live...If I ever was alive-
I was the joke in your pathetic life.

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The monitor doesn't stop to beeping,
emptiness swallowing my eyes.
After everything I could to realize:
I wasn't never closer to the life.

I hear my heart's beating
and the frequency of my pulse.
Inside of me the voices screaming:
'You played a role, which they had choosen...'

My eyes are staring blankly
at the shadows in the dark.
Each memory I left behind me;
to forget them was too hard.

I lose myself in the whiteness,
sink down in the empty space.
Now I dream to get it over;
to leave that sour disgrace.

Like I'm in a corridor
with thousand rooms around me-
I want to get out, but they are locked
and I haven't keys for them.
(c) All rights reserved.

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I like those raven crow masks.

'Corrosed heart'
I drown in your lies and complains,
no more want to see your face.
It's impossible to try to break me,
when already made a space.

The debris are now cliffs and stones,
and the forest lost its trees.
I led you live and you chilled my bones.
No more need to hear your schemes.

Your actions were so predictable,
though you wished with a grin
that had found a place in my soul,
just a way to make me ruined.

No matter how much I hoped you'd be,
you never took the chance to know me.
I paid credit and you avoided it,
our love was exceedingly corrosive.

You had lost yourself somewhere,
where I was unable to belong;
you're the only, who built a space
and decided to leave me alone.

I've got tired of believe in you,
you proved me that I wasn't right.
Now you living in the woods-
just invention, without scienist.

I won't never let to collide
you ruined my soul and chilled my bones.
The heart just cracks and corrodes.
The debris now are cliffs and stones.

(c) All rights reserved.

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Here's me outfit for the campfire so I hope you guys like it 😄😅
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