guys i try this app and is perfect with my smartphone (xperia s) but a question.... the phosphere mode there isn't? i have android JB 4.1.2

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It has a new Continuous Burst Mode option under Software Tweaks. If you activate it, you can hold down the power button to take an infinite number of burst photos.

Please test it and leave improvement suggestions which I'll put in the final version.



The new beta will be coming soon, but before that, I wish to ask the members of this community:

What are the features you would like to see? I'll try my best to add them. Consider this post as a feature request one.

Secondly, beta apps will no longer be distributed via email. Please join the Google Play Beta link found under the "about community" over here, after which you will directly receive the beta from Google Play.

Here's the direct link if you have joined the community:

Thanks and keep enjoying!

How do you become a beta tester? I don't see the link anywhere. I am sorry if I missed it.
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