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How to Choose the Best Web Scraping Services?

There are many web scraping service providers in the market. Here you can learn How to Choose the Best Web Scraping Services Provider. You can contact multiple service providers to compare the market rate and choose the best feature packed package. #webscraping

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Best 5 Tips for Scraping Data from Big Websites

Here are a few tips you ought to take after from starting when scraping a lot of information in the event that you don’t need it to make you insane.

#webscraping #eCommerce

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Steps to Scrape Bulk Products from Ecommerce Websites

Looking for how to scrape bulk products from #eCommerce websites? Here you know eight steps to scrape ecommerce products from website like #amazon and #ebay.

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Best Way to Scrape Data From E-Commerce Websites

If you are looking for get information from #ecommerce website then here you can get info about how to Scrape Data from E-commerce Websites like #amazon, #ebay, Yellow pages etc.
#webscraping #ebayscraper #amazonscraper

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Yelp Pages Data Scraper for Sales, Marketing & Procurement

Start aggregating Data faster & regularly of your Target Audience, Competitors & Vendors with the help of #Yelp #Scraper Tool.Buy Yelp Pages Data Scraper for Sales, #Marketing & Procurement.
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Best Way to Scrape Facebook Data

There are two techniques on the off chance that you are selecting web scratching to concentrate information from various platforms like #Facebook. Here you will know what is
the best way to scrape Facebook data.

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Looking for latest people and business information from LinkedIn profiles! Get it Here

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LinkedIn Data Extractor Software

Buy LinkedIn Scraper tool and Extract accurate data from #Linkedin as per you need. #linkedintips   #softwaredevelopment   #software  

Download Trial Version Here:

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I would like to bring up an issue and see what you folks think...

The other day, I went to get "approved" by the social Identity Controller called miiCards.

In traversing the requirements, they requested,no, they required my bank login and password.  No, they did not want the routing and account number, like paypal or other sources, no, they specifically wanted my pw and login to my bank.

Now, let's put aside the fact this is not an American Company and hence would be bound by our laws for a minute.

As a Hosting Provider/Web Developer/ Consultant the one absolute LAW of the internet is NEVER EVER EVER give out your login and pw especially for your bank account.   So as a Hosting provider/Web Developer/Consultant I obviously railed on them for even requesting it, closed by account.  BUT there are many folks out there, especially older people who will give this info to this company.

Now, Let's go back to the fact this is not an American Company and look at the ONE item Homeland security (ok, whether or not you like them they are there)  had stated:

"Securing critical infrastructure is a shared responsibility. Just as we all enjoy and rely on the benefits of critical infrastructure, we all must play a role in keeping it strong, secure, and resilient. You can do your part at home, at work, and in your community by being prepared for all hazards, reporting suspicious activities, and learning more about critical infrastructure security and resilience.

Learn about steps you can take to enhance security and resilience in your businesses and communities and how to handle certain events.
Make a plan with your families to keep your loved ones safe.
If you run a business, make a plan to keep your employees and community safe and enhance your ability to recover operations quickly. If you are an employee, ask your management whether there are plans in place and get a copy.
Report suspicious activity".

It is now more than ever, I believe a Personal Vault is needed. But in addition, we have to be smart, and certainly DO NOT give access to critical systems to an foreign entity, no matter how nice they are, no matter what their role is, under no circumstances on a user level should we be giving out information which leads to our critical infrastructure.  IMHO
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