Since a few days, when asked "do you speak/understand french" it now answers "yes, I speak french".
Before it clearly said no, despite being able to translate from english to french.

I believe some updates are on their way, but the google home app still has no choice to change language to something other than UK/US english.

I read that you can join devices for casting purposes. I have a Google Home and a Nvidia Shield and I would love to cast Play Music playlists to them so they play at the same time. The instructions I found are through GH app but I see no join options. Anyone successful in doing this?

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Hello Group,

Can anyone point me in the right direction for contacting someone relatively senior at Google HQ, that I can talk to about their product, and latest innovations and implementations?

Thanks in advance

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Sa primesc informatii despre cele mai bune siteurii de vinzari instrumente muzicale privat 

My latest trick attempt to workaround the infuriating lack of a sleep timer in Google Home -- when it became possible to set the alarm volume to zero -- was to try use alarms to interrupt a playing stream. This is useless though, since the "silent alarm" only holds for less than half an hour, then the stream starts playing again. ARGH! C'mon Google, every damned clock radio has had a sleep timer since the mid-20th century at least! Get on the ball!

So, my Google Home arrived today. I've set it up - launched to test my action I have been developing, setup the preview - all works OK from the browser. Then I utter "OK Google, talk to my media assistant" and I get the response - that I can't test preview stuff with British English language?!

Is this being addressed? This wasn't mentioned anywhere before I purchased the device.

They are definitely going to need to allow for private actions soon, I've written a API.AI + PHP Webhook action that allows me to search my media library and TV guide and control the Plex server, NowTV box and amplifier. Obviously this won't be useful to anyone outside of my house and there is no way to make this available to others because NowTV boxes and amplifiers are only controllable over the local network.
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