Hey Google, invoke the devil.

>> Sorry, I can't make calls yet. <<

Hmm. Suddenly, after being idle for awhile, my Google Home responds with "hang on while I get connected to wifi" occasionally when I give it a command. Then it works normally. It hasn't moved. The associated access point hasn't moved. Very odd.

Well, perhaps some progress on the quest for the elusive sleep timer. At least Home is now admitting that the concept exists:

Hey Google, stop playing in 5 minutes.

Sorry, sleep timer is not yet supported.

Lately I'm finding that simply saying:

Hey Google, play anything.

Results in a damned good stream of music that is very closely aligned with my tastes (e.g., lots of classic instrumental film and TV scores). Yeah, drink the Kool-Aid.

Why is it, that every time i say hey google, next song, it stops playing music. This never happened before. Some sort of update?

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made a review on how to send text messages using the google home. just in case nobody knew about it

WOW! If anyone hasnt tried it already the IFTTT app works great with google Home. Just put it on your phone and start creating applets. I just made a simple one, I say "Ok google, I cant find my phone" and the assistant calls my phone for me. You can set it up to turn your computer on, tv on and off, and endless other things. Def worth checking out.

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The goal of any successful #hackathon should be to learn. And that's exactly what our teams did during our third annual hackathon event. This year, tasked to build #digital products around the theme of food, our teams in San Francisco and Brazil experimented with home assistants, #AR, and other #IoT #technology. Check out a list of the cool things we learned (and were reminded of):

Google Home and Keep broken.

I was able to add an item to my shopping list and Home was also able to read me my shopping list a few days ago. I remember making a change to my Google Assistant Shopping List when I was using my Keep app on my phone. I hid the check boxes and this broke the interface.

My fix: I deleted my Shopping List from Keep and had Home recreate it by asking it to add an item. After this change, Home was able to read the list and add new items. Please give this a shot if you're having issues and good luck.

Something simple that would be usefully would be knowing when garbage collection days are for your home address and also setting reminders for them. Tnx
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